miscellany monday {overload}

i am playing catch up since i don't really blog about life, ya know, it's the ocd thing....gotta try to stay on schedule with the day of the week.....i am going to talk a walk on the wild side....soon

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} let's be real.
why does wine have to have calories? i get the whole doughnut thing, but wine, seriously?

{2} here we go again.
 i am amazed {why?} at the audacity of some people.  i have read/seen/heard yet AGAIN  someone is copying word for word posts. i mean, why would you do this? our blog is like our "house". shouldn't we make it our own? shame shame shaaaaame ☹

{3} king of queens rawks.
am i the only one who thinks this? the mr and i have the entire collection on dvd, we watch it every.single.night. we rotate between that & will & grace. i think these were 2 of the funniest shows ever to have aired. ofcourse, they are history. if karen lived here, we'd so be BFF......"you say potato, i say vodka".... how'd  ya hurt back honey? running away from style?"

{4} mean people suck.
this needs no explaining. it's nothing that has happened to me but more of an observation. i  really wonder how some people lay their heads down at night. really sad. it's like, if they can't have it, they don't want you to!! if they can't do it, God forbid you get to. if you buy something they like but can't have, they all of a sudden don't like it. you know, they ones who can' pay a compliment?? it's like they will have to sell their first born if they do. they are "happy when your down and down when your happy". {got that from king of queens!} i just don't get it. it's sad because i see kids acting like this....they  "learn what live!"
{all above images via we ♥ it}

{5} this is very disturbing.
have you ever seen "my strange addiction" on tlc? mini-me called me in to watch it with her last night. seriously the nastiest thing i have watched in a long time. we watched 3 episodes. the one that threw me over the edge was the girl who eats couch cushions. she has eaten a freakin couch and 2 chairs...... i thought the chalk and ajax eater was bad. mini-me watched 1 more after i had to split... she had to turn it off when the girl couldn't stop eating toilet paper!!  blehhhh if you have a weak stomach, i suggest not watching. then i saw the previews for a hoarding show, really made me sick. i was starting to sweat watching the commercial. i am so ocd about stuff/clutter oh my gawdddd, i honestly could never watch that show. i'd have nightmares. bless their hearts. {that's southern for OH MY GOD, SERIOUSLY?}  i couldn't imagine! seriously, that breaks my heart for them all.
{via TLC}

{6} i am a cry baby.
anyone else cry at AI? you know they save the best for last on each audition week. they really get to get me. even when they can't sing, i want them to get through b/c the have had a bad life, lol. well, not really but cha' know what i mean. i want to help them all. send them a check. thank the Lord i don't have a ton of $$ cause i'd be popping out checks to all the ones who don't get through that made me cry. i'm a sap. i must say, steven tyler has a big ♡. he is really kind. he reminds me of ellen when she was on there. always trying to make someone feel good. {ofcourse i love me some j-lo, my MR calls me d-lo..... and randy, my dawg} but really y'all.... i sit and try to hold them back....next thing i know i am sobbing like a 5 yr old who just got told "no" @ fao scharwz.
{7} recipe link-up this FRIDAY.
i had a few bites on the swap/blog shop so i decided to go with it on friday. i will post the mr linky at about 10pm thursday evening so you will be ready to roll fist thing friday morning. i will leave it open all weekend so you can to it if your late to the party. share your favorite recipes with us. share more than one if you want! i am always looking to expand my butt

{8} "break a leg-warmer"
this is one of OPI's newest colors sold at sephora. mini-me and i had to have it. had to. it's gorgeous y'all!
{9}my $$ has arrived!
you know when i was pimping out ebates? well, my depsoit posted in paypal account the other day.... i could KICK MY BUTT for not signing up sooner. you get paid bk from shopping at all your favorite stores, i.e. kate spade, tory burch, ebay, ballard, saks, nordstrom, etc etc.. the only thing you have to do is go to these sites VIA ebates. sign up here if you haven't already.
{10}best iphone cover yet!
i can't pass up polka dots too easily. i saw this at the kate spade store in new york last week and knew it had to be mine. if your looking for a new case, check out all the ones ks has. who knew?
{via ks}
{11} don't hate.
they high here today is 74

{12}home tour tuesday
get cleaning y'all! {or don't, lol} 
don't forget to link up with shannon and i tomorrow. this weeks theme:
"whatcha watchin'? {show us your tv/family room}"
we want to see where you watch tv and hang out together.
if you don't have a room, show us your dream room.

{13} quote  for today:



  1. WOW! Great post again!! I'm trying to remember everything that I wanted to comment on. I'm so sorry about someone copying you again - boo to them!! And mean people do suck! i seriously heart that new nail color, gonna have to buy some! And high of 71 here today..Cate's been DYING to wear her FF so we'll probably both be rockin them! :)

    Have a great day!!

  2. Daph! I just returned to the blog world not long ago and have been catching up with you all weekend! Can I say that I am trully jealous of your trip to NYC!! Looks like you and the Mr. had just a fab time (and those earrings...love!).

    This is a great post! Totally want to find that phone cover, and I was just a' crying with you on AMI. Especially the little guy that got kicked out of the group. Poor thing (I've been like praying for him all week).

    Telia, NewlyWedWifeLife

  3. LOL! Loving it ALL! Mean people do suck, i do hate because of those sandals, king of queens rocks my world- that and rules of engagement. Got a new iphone just last week and really wish wouldn;t have paid XX for stupid black cover because now i have to have the KS one. Let's see- i will do the linky this friday with you and when I say I am obsessed with AI, its an understatement.I LOVE that show and this one will be the best with the judges. I heart Jlo!
    I think that about covers it! Have a great day and stop by for my giveaway if you have a chance. Cute little cupcake kits! Score!

  4. um, yes, AI gets me every time. i try not to watch it because it takes up so much time, but i get sucked in.

    i love the king of queens!

    and wine... it is grapes after all! a fruit! it should be calorie free!

  5. um, yes, AI gets me every time. i try not to watch it because it takes up so much time, but i get sucked in.

    i love the king of queens!

    and wine... it is grapes after all! a fruit! it should be calorie free!

  6. LOVE all the randomness today...especially love the one about Will and Grace and King of Queens. Absolutely hilarrrrious. I laugh out loud with every single episode, I swear! Happy Monday!

  7. Daph!!! I wanted to respond to each topic of yours today! What a great post! First off, I couldnt agree more about the wine! Now that I started this clean eating thing :) I thought, how can I give up my wine tonight when my girls come over to watch the bachelor?! So, okay, some things just aren't worth giving up (and in my head…no calories!)

    King of Queens…one of my FAVS!!!! My husband and I used to watch it EVERY SINGLE night! Love the reruns and all! I also love Two and a Half Men and How I Met Your Mother…anything for a lighthearted laugh!

    Mean people: couldnt agree more, love. But I'm hoping karma gets them! ;) Who knows, but we cant let them bring us down. People would rather hang out with smiling, positive people anyways!

    Strange addiction: was talking to my manicurist about this…makes me want to gag just typing about it. Okay, enough…cant talk about this!

    I'm really hoping to link up for the recipes soon…but trying to find my way around the kitchen again! Cant wait to see what's in store for us with your blog!!! Thanks!!!

    Sephora is NOW calling my name…might have to make a detour there after work today! I have been wanting a new color and this looks PERFECT!!!

    I just signed up for EBATES this week! But of course, can you believe it…I havent bought a single thing all weekend!!! WOW…good for me! But that's b/c the weather was so nice Fri that I had a wonderful HH with friends outside, which made for a VERY lazy day Sat and Sun was a day of cleaning, etc. But I feel good today and ready to Rock Work! I'm sure I'll do a little shopping today…especially after seeing your Iphone case! Lordy day, LOVE it!!! But first I need to get the iphone…:)

    I'm sorry, but I do slightly feel super jealous today…of your weather that is!!! I took the pup out last night to find snow! :( After it was 74 on Fri, this was not a pleasant surprise. Supposed to get more tonight into tomorrow morning. But that's what you get in Maryland…crazy place! But my place I call home!

    I cant tell you how much I love your quote of the day. Definately something I need to keep in the back of my mind. But more b/c I love to remember what I give people…finding the perfect gift for someone is one of my favorite things!

    And lastly, I think I've taken this long to write all this b/c I love your song choice!

    I woke up this morning to a rainy/snowy day with a bad cough…but between your blog and my coffee, I feel like it should be sunny out! Thanks sweetie!

    Have a great Monday! XOXO

  8. that TLC show is awful! I don't understand how people eat sofa cushions. I watched one where the girl was eating laundry detergent and one where a man would only talk via puppet...STRANGE!

  9. I heart King of Queens and still watch it all the time on TBS reruns! So fun!

    Isn't the weather here just lovely?

    Friday post thingy sounds neat (Need a button? Hehehe!)

    Really like that nail color, OPI is great polish!

    I know there's more but I can't remember all the fun stuff I want to comment on! Shesh!

    Have a great one, Daph!

  10. I love King of Queens too.
    I hate to hear someone is stooping that low again to copy others work.

    I am loving this weather and sad to see this morning that we are going to have some cold temps again this week here.

    Have a great week.

  11. love that iphone cover!! and my boyfriend and i watch king of queens every night before supper on tbs!! I love will & grace also..def two of the best shows ever!!

  12. Yes, I bawl like a baby when I watch AI. Remarkable and inspiring people. Oh, and I LOVE Steven Tyler. Love him!

    "The King of Queens" was one of the funniest shows on television. We still watch the reruns.

    LOL about your wine comment. Isn't that the truth?

    Happy Monday, Daph!

    I can't wait to link up on Friday! Yay! :)

  13. We watch King of Queens every night too! It is so funny!

    I definitely tear up on AI all the time, glad to know i am not the only one!

    Love that cute iphone cover! I think i am going to have a new addiction to covers, i can't stop finding cute ones!

    Happy Monday!!!

  14. I heard about the blog thief and couldn’t agree more. Shame is right! Mean people definitely suck and I know a few that love when you’re down and are glad when you’re sad. It really is a horrible way to live your life.

    Never seen My Strange Addiction, but I’ve heard lots about it. AI never ceases to make me cry.

    Love the name and shade of that OPI color.

    I heart eBates. My check was tiny this time.

    That iPhone cover is on my wish list .

    Great quote!

  15. My sweet friend your quote of the day ..Fabulous!! Seriously, those Chanel flats, have me not feeling so bad about needing to keep my foot wear low to the ground... must explore them further..;)

    I will never understand mean people ...or those who can not be happy for others (you know the Mr. and I still face this each day from his family - they are the meanst people ever born... we are so thankful for his deceased wife's family... they are so wonderful to us..more posts on them to come soon)...

    The Mr. and I are also fans of king of queens ...

    Wishing you a wonderful and blessed week!!! xo HHL

  16. 1. I negate the calories from wine because it is known to be good for your heart! BOUNS!
    2. Absolutely sham shame to all the copycats! Be original folks!
    3. Karen Walker is my idol :) My soundbite on my computer is her saying "You sleazy skank".....love it! Makes me smile everytime I hear it
    4. In the soultastic words of Ms. Jill Scott "Hate on me haters"
    5. That show seriously creeps me out....the girl eating the tp! UGH! Did you see the boy who was eating glass! OMG! How do they start doing that? Just pick up a piece of couch or roll of tp and start eating?
    6. I'm a sap for sad stories also! ~sniff sniff~
    7. Can always use a good receipe
    8. Have you seen the OPI Texas collection! I love it and I think my fav is gonna be "Do You Think I'm Tex-y?"
    9. I wish my $'s would arrive....I keep forgetting to buy through my ebates :(
    10. I love anything Kate Spade
    11. I've dragged out the flippy flops too! :) Yay flippy flops!
    12. Girl we've been spring cleaning like mad dogs around here! Whew!
    Now, not that anyone wanted to here my 12 responses to your 12 comments but there they are :)
    Have a great Monday!

  17. how tacky. how did you know they copied you? there's one blogger who added all of my followers and my twitter followers. i know a lot of us have the same blogger peeps in common, but there are some i can obviously tell are my followers (like fam). creepy! and she had like 500 followers and her blog SUCKS!

  18. This post is amazing! I totally agree, in a perfect world wine would not have calories and would even speed up your metabolism :)

    Love the new polish color. I also just got my Ebates check. I can't believe I waited so long to sign up. I hope you have a fabulous day :)

  19. I would like to agree with everything in this post 110%! .... except for the shoes/sandals. I am hating. But only because it's snowing here today. :-p

    (New follower by the way. Just saying hello!)

  20. I like King of Queens & Will & Grace too!! My all time fave is Friends though.

    Saturday the high here was 80!!!! It was freakin' awesome!! Had a pedi & wore flip flops all weekend.

  21. ok now i want to see a chick eat a couch....you think she'd get constipated haha

    as for american idol...this is the first season i'm really excited about. i think they finally have some talent! woohoo

  22. i am jealous that the high was 74!....its snowing here AGAIN! PS are those your chanel sandals?! Love them!

    hoarders is the most horrifying show ever...just saying

  23. I somehow got sucked into My Strange Addiction last night - the one where the woman ate Comet! Oh man, it was really hard to watch.

    Love the Kate Spade iPhone cover...I need to get one soon!

    I want to do your recipe link-up. Must think of perfect one to share!

    Have a good week!

  24. I just love number 4 :)
    It made my morning!

  25. I'm w/ ya on the wine - why o' why does it have to have so many calories, or why do I have to love it so?!

    We watched the Strange Addictions marathon last night too - what in the world is wrong w/ people? My parents divorced when I was young, but it didn't lead me to eat TP, Comet or couches. NUTS!

    Yes, mean people do SUCK!

    We watch King of Queens every day too! Love it!

    Happy Monday, Daphne!

  26. You amaze me at how many thoughts you can come up with. Maybe if my brain were younger I could come up with more "stuff."

    Definitely shame on "copy cats!" That sinks!

    I've got my flip flops on today too with beautifully painted red toe nails. :o)

    Oh, I love Idol and am so excited about this season. I'm with you on the ones that don't make it. Tough! Tough!

    Live like there was no tomorrow!

  27. So much info to comment on! I love king of queens and will and grace. They are both HIGH-larious. I don't know if I could watch strange addiction, but I do like intervention on A&E which has some pretty disturbing stuff on it! I like the polka dot case, very cute! Annnd the fact that it's 74 there and snowing here... we won't go there. Great post!

  28. Love your music stylings. They set the mood perfectly for your posts!
    King of Queens is my marriage to a tee. It's awesome.
    Why are there mean people? Why do they copy cat? My mother always told me imitation was the best form of flattery. I disagree.
    Those flip flops spell L-O-V-E!
    Your quotes are right on girly.
    Happy Pres Day!

  29. I just watched that strange addiction show for the first time and was gagging the whole time. I am really liking AI this season with the new judges and King of Queens- LOVE that show! =)

    Happy MM!

    Lily =)

  30. Love this post :)
    I so need to get an iPhone just for the polka dot case!

  31. So I am reading this post and literally with every scroll down I'm saying "Me too!" "Oh that's me!" "Yes I love that!" Haha! We have so much in common!

    Hugs xoxo

    PS. King of Queens is one of my all time faves! My favorite line ever from Doug "If eating hot dogs is wrong, I don't wanna be right." I adore that show!

  32. Love this post! I agree with all of this! This is for sure my favorite post ever!

  33. Good afternoon from Tokyo!

    Daphne, I am tickled to bits by the Kate Spade iPhone cover! I purposely ordered a black one because the pink was just *too* pink. I love having a more stylish option now!

    A lovely day to you and yours...



    PS-I thought I was the only one who watched "The King of Queens". Husband and I used to watch it when we were living in Charlotte and Kevin James felt like our little comedic discovery. So glad to have found another Queenie!

  34. I love the iPhone cover, so cute! :D

    star-crossed smile

  35. My MIL loves the King of Queens because she says that they remind her of me and my husband - and we are Doug & Kerri. ha!
    I cannot watch Hoarders - makes me want to run screaming through my house with a giant black garbage bag! Must be an awful way to live!
    Who are these skanks stealing your blog?? Ridiculous and disturbing!

  36. That is crazy and tacky that someone is stealing posts from your blog! People have way too much time on their hand, and can't be oringinal so they copycat? I'm so sorry!
    I need that polka dot cover too!
    We are in the upper 60's to 70's here too and loving it!!

  37. Oh my word I must go and find that iPhone cover how cute is that!!! Someone was copying a bunch of my post too.... and then I had one girl accuse me of emailing a company so she wouldn't get a job... seriously? I don't get what is with all the drama.