Recipe Swap

Welcome my sweet friends for the 1st and hopefully not last recipe swap!!
This is a blog hop of  your/one of your favorite recipes.
PLEASE link to the recipe that you want to feature w/it's name.
(if there are more than one, please use separate links)
I am thrilled for each & everyone of you who is taking part.
I am  also so thankful for the time you took out of your day to participate.
Lawdy Mercy, I know how much time I spent last night between taking care of my family, cooking dinner, ironing clothes for tomorrow and composing this post.
I love to cook and love to tear apart recipes and "make them my own".
I always to try to use all natural/organic ingredients when possible.
I can't express my excitement about this swap.
Without future ado......

Creamy Pesto Shrimp

1 lb whole wheat linguine
1/2 cup butter
2 cups heavy cream
1/2 tsp blk pepper
1 cup grated parmesan
1/3 cup pesto
1 lb large shrimp (peeled)

Boil pasta until al dente.
In skillet, melt butter over med heat.
Stir in cream & add pepper.
Cook 6-8 min. (stir constantly)
Stir in parmesan until mixed well.
Stir in pesto.
Cook until think. (abt 3-5 min)
Stir in shrimp, cook until pink.

Serve over linguine.
French bread is nice with this dish.

Banana Pound Cake

 1 1/2 cups soft butter
3 cups pure cane sugar
5 eggs
3 ripe bananas (smashed)
3 tablespoons low fat milk
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
3 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking spoon
1/2 kosher salt
1 cup chopped pecans

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Beat butter on med in mixer until creamy. (abt 2 min)
Gradually add sugar.
Beat abt 5 min.
Add eggs 1 at a time...blend til yellow disappears.

In a separate container-
COMBINE mashed bananas, milk & vanilla.
COMBINE flour, baking powder & salt.

Then, add each to the mix.
Beat at a low speed.
Mix until all is mixed well.

Pour into a greased and floured 10in. tube pan.
{i used bundt pan & 2 tiny tins}
Sprinkle with pecans.
Bake @ 350 for 1 hr 2o min OR until a wooden tooth pick inserted in the center comes out clean.

Cool in pan on a wire rack 10-15 min.
Remove cake from pan and let cool completely on wire rack.

** Please add the name of your recipe in the "name" field


  1. I love finding new recipes around the blogosphere!! It's my favorite! I linked up...not sure if it's ok, but I linked to my recipe page instead of an individual recipe. Let me know if that isn't following the rules and I will fix it :)

  2. Yummmm those both look really good! Great idea to do a recipe swap, I am always looking for new recipe ideas! :)

  3. these look delish! if i could cook worth a damn, i'd post mine

  4. Oh that shrimp pesto looks divine. I will be making that! I'll get my post up tomorrow.

  5. Scarves Scarves
    Thanks for your wonderful thoughts, insights and links!

  6. WOW! Those both sound and look amazing! With packing and getting things ready for Cate while I'm gone, I had to just link from an old recipe! So next week will be better!! Have a wonderful weekend, friend!

  7. this is such a good idea! i'm thinking maybe you should do it monthly?! :)

    and i am definitely going to be saving your pesto shrimp recipe! yum!

    thanks for hosting!

  8. Yum Yum Yum! Can't wait to try out these new recipes! Sorry I didn't see to post my link name as the recipe until it was too late. Have a great weekend!

  9. Thanks for doing this recipe swap, Daphne. It's such a great idea and soooo much fun!

    I love pasta (anything with shrimp and pesto, too) and can't wait to make your recipe! Of course, a glass of wine will complete the dish, too! NICE.

    OMG...can't wait to make the pound cake. Heart bananas!

    Delicious meal!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. I love finding new recipes. Thanks for hosting the swap.
    Your recipes look great. I couldn't decide so I put up three recipes.
    Have a great weekend!

  11. New to the recipe swap and not sure if I did it right but I just linked up my pasta primavera because its just so good and easy. Love ya

  12. I am swooning over your shrimp dish...already jotted it down! I included an old family recipe for cheesy-olive potatoes (not healthy) that is yummy and great for parties & buffets ~ enjoy!

  13. Those look great!

    Sorry, I didn't see to put the name on the recipe, duh!

  14. Looks great! Especially that banana pound cake!
    Can't wait to take a look at all the recipes today :) Thanks for hosting!

  15. Hey there Ms Daph, so glad I got up and came to blog land this morning. Hadn't been here in a while so I didn't know about the recipe swap. I love to cook and there are some wonderful sounding recipes already posted here. I am about to run over to my place and pull up an old recipe just so that I can play over here today too. Thanks for hosting, and I will be looking for future recipe swaps, and maybe post some recipes especially for the blog hop.

  16. i linked up an old post recipe, but it's one i'm so excited to share!!

    can't wait to find some new recipes to try out!

  17. I linked a recipe I posted this week, it was yummy! I love things like this because it not only gives me new dishes, it gives me new blogs to read!! Thanks for hosting!

  18. I wasn't prepared today....but will try to link up next week. That banana pound cake looks so yummy!! I can't wait to see what everyone is cooking :)

  19. I love finding new recipes from blogs!

  20. I'm definitely going to try that cake .. and the pesto shrimp.. both look so yummy!! I see you have a kitchen friend like me... KA is just the best!! Happy Friday and thank you for hosting this fabulous recipe exchange!!! xo HHL

  21. what a great idea...a recipe swap! I love reading new recipes! Of course, I should have read all of them after lunch. I'm hungry now!

  22. I linked to 2 of my favorite recipes that I'd already posted. Hopefully I can make something this weekend & post.

  23. Yum! I love recipes and just found your blog. Gonna hop through the list and visit everyone. Have a great weekend!

  24. Oh my goodness recipes look so good! I can't wait to try them both! Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Friday! :)

  25. so many good recipes...amazing

  26. Oh my goodness! That creamy pesto shrimp looks/sounds SOOO good! I'll be putting that on my menu for next week!

    That banana pound cake sounds heavenly too!

    Thanks for hosting!

    Have a great weekend, Daphne!

  27. I of course did not follow directions the first time and posted my name instead of the recipe name. So I reposted. You can delete No. 29. It should be Healthy Truffles. Thanks!

  28. Just found your blog through The Perks. I didn't follow the directions correctly and put my name in the field that said name. OOOPS. Sorry. I think I did it correctly the second time.

  29. Looks Delish! I'm definitely going to try this out, I love shrimp and anything baked with bananas in it. Thank you for sharing.


  30. yUMYUM!! I want that cake!! I made chocolate supcakes this week with pecannuts, but this looks so much better!!

    visit my blog and follow me if you like:)



  31. What a great idea. I posted 2 recipes - peanut butter truffles and lasagna roll ups. I am also always looking for recipes on the Internet. I have a FB fan page where I list a daily recipe from the Internet. Its called Groti - Great Recipes on the Internet.

  32. Girl, we have the same taste in food, that if for sure. I wrote down your shimp and pesto meal. I am drooling over that! Yum! Thanks for hosting such a fun party, I hope it's not the last one either! Have a great weekend my friend!


  33. Great recipes! Looks and sounds yummy! Have a sweet day!

  34. Found you via Katie @ The Perks. Love a recipe swap and love your blog. Following!!

  35. Love this idea! I do a Friday's Four New Recipes on my blog every week! Check it out! http://teachrunlove.blogspot.com

  36. I cannot wait to try these great recipes! YUM!!

  37. Great pics of the steps! It all looks so delish! I haven't cooked all weekend. Are you going to make this a regular swap?
    Happy weekend friend. xo

  38. Hello There!

    I so love reading this post. I've been enrolled in a cooking class to learn more recipes. Here I saw some which I wanted to make. I gonna follow you. Thanks

    ♥- Janice

  39. Nice recipe. :)
    I'll give it a try.

  40. It looks delicious. It's very attractive too.