Home Tour Tuesday {VROOM VROOM}


Greetings Y'all this beautiful Tuesday!
I hope everyone's week started off great.
Mine started off.... 
just off.

Thanks for your sweet thoughts & prayers for my son.
I will be blogging one day soon on everything.
{I'm shooting for Monday, so if your not familiar with TS, tune in}

 If He brings ya to it, He will bring ya through it, right?

So, were you all stressing out about your garages?
Getting it organized and stuff to the dump?
Or was yours already tidy?

Is yours the storage facility and you'd be lucky to get a moped in there, much less a car?
If your like us, you have STUFF.
We have so much flippin junk stuff. 
Rubber Maid bins are your friend☺
My attic is filled with them also.
I love to use my label maker and label them
{ocd a little, maybe a little}

I hope we can all gain inspiration each week through HTT from one another.
I love seeing everyones home that links up each week.
I am always getting ideas and hopefully sharing a few along the way.
Shannon, my co-host, & I are delighted to see familiar faces each week & the newbies too!
Glad we have something that brings y'all back.

Where do you park your wheels?
Show it to us y'all!

Here is where my sometimes rests....
but if you know me, 
you know that it doesn't see the garage often☺
I'm a girl on the go!

The Mr loves his rods.
What you can't see is his name that is made into each one.
Each one is custom made, just for him, in his favorite colors.
So, next time I get a Louis Vuitton,
I may get DJ instead of LV monogram ☺
{tit for tat y'all!}

We love to SUP.
{stand up paddle board}
What a fantastic company.
I love the name:
You Only Live Once

I call this, the Fun Fridge!
{I don't like alcohol in my kitchen fridge. I hate the kids
to see it every time they open the fridge}

See y'all tomorrow for {semi} wordless wednesday!
Take pics, add some words and come link up.

Next weeks HTT theme:
 Room with a view {Show us the view outside from your favorite room in the house}
** we have a few themes in the works as were almost at the end of our list. if you have an idea to share, please do!


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  1. I am impressed with your garage, kind of looks like a mini Sports Authority:-) Your fridge looks like mine in the garage, miles of water bottles! I am not sure how these home tour Tues. works but assuming people send in pictures of their garage?? I promise when I move in a few months, will soo cooperate and become a part of it, think its a great idea. Right now in this house the garage is sky high literally with storage and packing boxes. Trust me, nothing to see! Have a beautiful day......this song on your site is soooo beautiful, how many times have I have told you this now? LOL.

  2. Nice idea about alcohol and the kids seeing it. I will use that too one one day.

    What a fun garage. We love to fish and surf too. Nothing beats outdoor sports!

    What happened to your son? I missed it somewhere? I will look back through and check on Monday. No matter what my prayers are with you guys and I hope things turn out okay.

  3. Looks like you have a fun garage. My parents keep alcohol in the garage freezer, I think it's better in there anyway so no one has to look at it. Hope you have a fabulous day!


  4. Your garage is so organized! I am beyond impressed :) I also love the idea of a "fun fridge." That's such a great idea to keep the alcohol separate! I hope you have a fabulous day!

  5. Wow....your garage is huge and pretty well organized. But I expect nothing less from you...LOL! Mr. has a great collection of rods, and that fish on the wall is awesome. I knew you all loved fishing, but didn't know you loved it that much :) The fun fridge is great....so there with you on not wantin to see the alcohol in the main fridge. Our garage is a disaster....there was no way I was going to embarass myself and link up today! Enjoy your day...stay positive, stay strong :)

  6. Wow! Now, THAT is pretty fantastic :) I'm loving those YOLO boards, I would totally give that a try.
    As for the bizarre-o thing in my garage? It's a self defense dummy. Quite realistic looking. For the first few months after he got it, it scared me *every* time I opened the door because at first glance it looks like someone is in the garage! A naked someone, no less ;)

  7. They just opened up a new dessert bar just down the road called YOLO, now when I see it I'll think of you!


  8. Fun fridges are a MUST for overflow! My own saltwater sportsman would be jealous of your hubbies collection (and display) of rods.

    I have to sit this week out. Our garage is that nifty little playroom I featured a couple of weeks ago. In the meantime, our stuff is shoved into 2 sheds and an attic ~

    Looking forward to next week!

  9. Your garage is so organized! We have a carport. The good thing about that is the only thing in it are cars!

  10. Your garage looks so neat and organized. Way better than mine :) Ours doesn't have a lot it in and still doesn't hold both of our vehicles!!

    p.s. great fun fridge :)


  11. The FUN FRIDGE! I like that! Good to keep it out of the kitchen, but still in a convenient location. I don't have a garaaaage! WAHHHH!!! I want one SO badly. To eliminate all of those mornings I spend scraping my windshield!

  12. Um, I love love love your garage. We dont have one :( but hopefully in our next place we will have a big beautiful garage. Since thats T's only request in a house. That and he have a man cave.

    Happy Tuesday, and Im still keeping you and your family in prayers!

  13. Your garage looks so organized! I'm jealous. I do park in my garage but it was filled to the brim!

  14. This is exactly how I would have imagined your garage! Spic & Span! IMPRESSIVE! & Oh my word, I want to stand up paddle board more than ever right now! Never done & am I'm sure I'd make a fool of myself, but weeeee what fun!

  15. oh wow--- so clean!!
    i'm so impressed you keep the alcohol in the outside fridge, i never would have thought of it, but what an important idea. you definitely don't want the kiddos seeing it everytime they're looking for ketchup! (must file this away for when i'm a mom, someday!)

  16. i heard so much about stand up paddle boarding...great workout right?

  17. I wish my garage was this organized. Instead it's full of Brian's junk and busted down Jeep parts. One day though. LOL!

  18. Your garage is awesome! I love how organized it is.... makes me want to go home and clean mine out and organize it top to bottom.... but then Hubs wouldn't be to happy with me! Have a great one!

  19. You have the most fun garage I have ever seen Daphne! Wish I could stop by and share a glass of wine with you. Lots of prayers for the lil mr.


  20. Thank you for stopping by my blog....I'm so glad you did because I'm now your biggest fan!!! = )))

  21. my husband would be jealous of your husbands rods!!!

  22. Love the organized garage!

    We're friends with the owners of YOLO. Great company made be great people. Happy to see that you're a fan.