Home Tour Tuesday {Workin' Hard?}

Welcome Y'all!
I hope this finds you all well today-
Shannon {my co-host} & I are happy to have you join us for another
weekly installment of Home Tour Tuesday!
I love seeing the same faces AND new ones each week.
 I also love the ideas that I see. It's funny how we think we have done all we can to a particular room & then we see what someone has done/transformed and it opens a whole new window into our decorating creativity.

This weeks tour is our offices. While I don't really have an "office", I do have a "space"!
The Mr pays all the bills and it's my job to file them, lol.
This is where I file bills, receipts, papers, etc.
This is where I blog {mostly}, do my recipes, write letters & look at magazines { I tear out my fav pages, punch holes and file away in a 3 ring binder, under appropriate tab! OCD MUCH?}

please excuse the last min. crappy ipone images!

Here is my space.....
Thanks to Miss Janice for my FF&P sign ☺

These are all my baskets.....
each with a tag of whats inside...
I am 4"11 incase ya didn't know!

Here is where I come into your home from....

This is how I do my recipes into my binder:
I have had a few people ask how I do my binder-
everytime  I see a recipe online or in a magazine, I print it.
Then I file it under it's appropriate category.
Once I make it and KNOW I will make it again, 
I rip it out, hand write it & stick it in my recipe box ☺

Here's a little more inspiration for y'all.....

{images via here & here}


Link up y'all & play along!
Also, if there is something that you would like to see as a HTT theme, 
please let me know.

See ya tomorrow for {semi} wordless wednesday!
post pics- share words- link up

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  1. Oh, wow, as organized as my office is, it certainly isn't as neat as your space. :o) This was a fun, fun tour and I look forward to checking out everyone's home offices today. I love the "Keep calm and Blog on." I will definitely be making myself one of those!

    Have a beautiful day!

  2. The perfect office space! I love your sign!

    Happy Tuesday.

  3. I love your pretty binders and baskets in your space...while compact it's pleasant and calming.

    Ours is a disaster. My accessories are the "bachelor" sort, black metal...yuk. Hopefully I will get some positive input on our office space. Thank you for hosting ~ it's my favorite blog day of the week!

  4. Love the storages bins and I must get myself one of those signs:) Also, some cute birdcages would also be perfect to place on top of my office furniture...they are now on my must-buy list! {P.S.--I probably didn't do the linky thing correct on my post...I'm not code-saavy!}

  5. cute space. And I love all the ideas.

  6. Morning :). I linked up hubby's home office re-do because I don't have my very own office and I wanted to play too! Thanks for hosting.

  7. I want a home office!!! WAHHHH!!! The hubs will def. have one - but of course, I'll be in charge of it, so it may be a little more frilly than he thinks! :D Love ya Daph!

  8. I need to take some time and create a binder for my recipes. I have all my favorites shoved into a folder with no organization.
    Inspiration indeed. Love your blog sign at your desk too.

  9. Oh my friend, love what you did with your space! Tres Chic!!! ... and I'm really loving your binder idea ....thanks for always inspiring me! xo HHL

  10. So funny, we have a lot of similarities in today's post girl!

    Love that you have a little nook to get stuff done! That's definitely on my "want" list!

    Have a great one!

  11. I love your office space. It is so cozy and warm. The funny part is that my hubs writes the bills and I file them too...LOL! I have been wanting to make a recipe binder and now you have inspired me to do it. And love both signs!! I will be sure to be back next week participating in HTT.....this week is a bit crazy for me :)

  12. Beautiful! I love that green frame!

  13. Wow, I LOVE your space! It's so organized

  14. Hi! hope your week is going well. Love your desk...too embarrassed to share my crappy college owned desk.

  15. So cute!! I love your cute little baskets! We are currently searching for a new desk, and Im so picky! We had a huge roll top and sold it because it was just to bulky.

    LOVE that sign. So adorable! Happy Tuesday!!

  16. This is my first time at your linky party. FUN! i love your sweet little space- just perfect. I linked up my brand new pantry. After living with a itsy-bitsy pantry for way too long I finally have a new place to call home. i am one proud momma :)

  17. This is my first time visiting here, thanks to Steph @ PW. What a fun link-up. Love all the inspiring home office pics! Your space is so cute too! :)

  18. ok, I just realized that I will never be able to join you on your home tour! I'm a complete freakin' mess compared to you!

  19. You have such a great little nook, my grandmother had one set up almost identical to yours and I've been thinking of doing something similar myself only painting the cabinet green with lots of pink accents. Your little framed quote is too cute.

    Happy Tuesday :)
    -Julie (littlepinkrainboots.blogspot)

  20. Love seeing your little workspace. You are very organized and I love the blog quote! I need that on my desk too. Where did you get it? I just renovated my workspace and it makes such a huge difference!

  21. Your desk looks so peaceful and organized. My desk has been my dining room table these days :/ I also rip magazine pages out and keep them in a binder, so I completely understand. I love the framed blog sign and the little flip flops & pearls painted sign.

    I love the green/tan/cream office inspiration photo you posted.

  22. Love your space, and I love your baskets, I am working on the organizational part. . .

  23. I love your office space!! Especially the framed saying ... "Keep Calm and Blog On... " LOVE IT!

  24. Hey hun, just read your reply and yes please. It is so sweet of you to offer, I'm pretty sure you can find my E-mail on my profile just send it there and I'll be sure to print it out :)
    Thanks again your such a sweetheart.

    Best wishes

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. oh one of your cute little signs that say "keep calm and blog on"