{Let's Eat} Recipe Swap

Good Morning Y'all!
I hope that this week has been a great one for everyone.
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Today I had to paint my toes OPI Cajun Shrimp & bust my new Tory Burch Teal Emmy Sandles out of the box...all that was missing was an umbrella drink and sand ☺

Thanks for stopping by today & for playing along.
I hope that you find a good recipe along the way via all the participants.
If your participating, thanks so much-

I hope to get by to see everyone soon!
I  to add new recipes to my recipe binder.
(the ones we enjoy get hand written & make it to my recipe box!)
Have a super blessed weekend & I'll catch y'all next week...
I'll be back with a "little" change & a great giveaway!!

Shrimp & Potato Frittata
1 egg
5 egg whites
1 lb fresh shrimp
2 russet potatoes
pinch of sea salt & pepper

1. Preheat oven to broil {put rack on 2nd highest position}
2. Whisk together eggs, add salt & pepper
3. Chop potatoes & shrimp into 1/2-1 in pieces
4. Heat 9in non stick/oven safe saute' pan over med, coated with cooking spray
5. Add shrimp and cook for about 2-3 min {til orangie}
6. Add eggs and potatoes, stir and cook 2-3 min {til egg mixture is set on bottom & beginning to set on top}
7. Place pan into the oven & broil for 2-3 min {or til light and fluffy.
8. Remove frittata pan and cut into wedges.

** you can add just about anything into this frittata-
from mushrooms to jalapenos to cheese & leeks.
{we are just a little picky!}


  1. I love anything with shrimp.

    Yum! Can't wait to give this one a try! :)

    Thanks for hosting. I just love this idea!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Didn't see the linky, but I found one on my blog from Deep South Dish that I made. Y'all should follow DSD if you don't. She's got some FAB stuff. Here's the link to my page:

  3. Look delicious! Although I don't really do much seafood, I am a huge fan of potatoes and eggs :)

  4. YUMMM... I'll have to give that one a shot! Sorry, I linked twice.. Didn't use my brain the first time and put what my recipe was for.. =/

  5. I don't have any recipes with me here at work but I SO want to particpate next time! This is fabulous! I am still going to go stalk the recipes today though!

  6. Thanks for hosting this swap. It's my first time participating. Can't wait to see what others have. Happy Friday!

  7. Yummers! I love shrimp too!


    Hmmm, what could your "change" be? Just kidding...hehe!

    Send me your info, WOMAN!!! ;) (I'm trying to figure out when to install...we've got busy busy weekend plans!)

  8. if only no eggs! but i'm craving shrimp and sand (not together!).

  9. YUMMY! I can't wait to try this!

  10. Have a fabulous time away--painted toes & sandals!

  11. Nope, wasn't me who asked about facebook. :) But I'd definitely love to see your recipe binder!! I would definitely love to get my rear in gear in and create something organized

  12. i'm drooling-- you are quite the chef!! i'll try and share a recipe soon! i'm new to blogging so please stop by!

  13. Thanks for hosting another swap. It all looks delicious! I love adding new recipes to my binder as well.

  14. I can't wait to try all of these wonderful new recipes! I'm not sure what I did, but I left mine twice- feel free to delete #17 LOL that's a duplicate of mine!

  15. Looks scrumptious, I might try this with some pasta!.

    Happy Sunday,

  16. I used Mr Linky but not sure if I did it correctly. sorry.

  17. I have never eaten shrimp before, but this recipe now has me planning to go to the grocery store today and picking up some shrimp so I can make this! Thanks so much for sharing!


  18. Thanks so much for taking the time to host this week! I love all your quotes!!!

  19. Duh, I realized I liked here rather than Wordless Wednesday (so sorry because mine is most assuredly a Wordless Wednesday post and not recipe related)...what a morning!