pink & green thursday - i ♥ you tu tu much

hey y'all!
i hope this finds you all doing well today.
i know i said i was going to slack off a little on blogging but i so love trishy
& couldn't let today pass me by without playing along, esp. since i took off last thursday.
i am a little busy body just incase ya didn't know☺

since i was a little girl, i have always loved ballet......

been obsessed with tu tu's

loved the pink, leotards & all...

i took when i was little....

but the older i got.....

the more concerned i got about my toes!!

i loved/love my feet.....
{although others freak me out, go figure!}

i decided in middle school that no matter how much i loved the art of ballet.....

that i loved my  feet more!!

so now i just adore the ballet.....

all things pretty, pink......

and tu tu's!

all images via

{can't i just wear a tutu cause i want to?}

i could pick flowers in it.....

 i'd even wear it at the carnival... 

happy pink & green thursday friends!

here's a little thought for today:


  1. i am LOVING this!! i'm not much of a dancer (i.e. i have ZERO rhythm) but i do love ballerinas! go you-- wear a tutu picking flowers and at the garden, i'll join you!

  2. such a sweet post! I also love ballerinas and i was one for quite some time..and now my little cate is following in my footsteps! and i say that if you wanna wear a tutu, you rock it girl!


  3. Beautiful Blog ! Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful pictures & music. There is a ballerina in all of us & thank you for bringing her out in me again tonight :) Best wishes, Pattie-

  4. I always dreamed of being a dancer. I took dance for a few years. Very beautiful post Daphne.


  5. Show me a little girl who hasn't dreamed of getting all dolled up in a beautiful tutu, and gliding through the air on the big stage. I know I did, and after my first month of lessons when I wasn't resembling a dancer in Swan Lake but instead was still trying to master the first basic positions of ballet......I so realized this was hard stuff! It is so beautiful and I imagine our fascination will always continue..the beautiful feminine clothing and colors..the elegance of it all. Beautiful and the music was so perfect with the tone of the pictures. Did you change your blog look a bit? If so love it!

  6. Just watched that video down there...and that is what I WANTED to look like, but DID NOT....so beautiful and graceful they are.

  7. i love this post..thanks for starting my day off with a smile=)

  8. What a glorious post. The images are absolutely gorgeous. So girly and pretty.

    Another wonderful quote, too!

    P.S. I say wear the tutu. To the carnival and all! :)

    Happy Pink and Green Thursday. :)

  9. I adore this post and the music. While reading this, I got a text with some great news. In light of what we are going through, I so needed to hear something good. I was so happy and blissful looking at the pictures and such, and then the text happened. I love this moment.

    I love tu-tus. Can we just plan a day where we all wear one?

  10. You are tu-tu cute! Happy (almost) Friday! PS…how's it going without wine…I think we need an update! :) XOXO

  11. LOVE this!!!!!! So fabulous. All the pink and tutus and dance - I swoon :)

  12. i love tu tu's too!!!!

    Have a great day!


  13. Love your thought of the day!!!

    I too took ballet and went as far as pointe.. lately I have been thinking about puttting a ballet bar in our home and practicing for exercise (great for the behind..)

    I think the Angels are at work today... your post and I'm meeting a dear friend for lunch today who works with the National Ballet School of Canada ... I think your post has just inspired me to have her bring me a pair of slippers and turn my thought for my exercise into an action plan!! merci mon ami..xo HHL

    P.S. you can wear that tutu!!! :)

  14. Get yourself a tutu and go gardening now!!! Your decision to keep your pretty feet was probably best. Luckily for Ellie she has ugly feet so pointe won't hurt too much. LOL!!!

  15. These images are amazing- so feminine and pretty! Happy to have found your blog : )

  16. Pink tulle will never find it's way into my life, being surrounded by boys! Although I do still have my pink capezio ballet shoes from high school...

    As always, love your posts & images!

  17. Oh how this one touched me! I sooo agree... and it was worded so beautifully. We should all wear tutu's JUST BECAUSE we want to! Painted toes and all.... I can make you one... pink and green, of course! :)

  18. Just touching base with ya! Hope all is well :)

  19. Loved the post! Drop by to see our fabulous imported French Basketeer Giveaway. To quote Andrea plastic bags are “so passé!”


  20. When I saw this title, I was HOPING it was going to be filled with pink, tutus, and beautiful ballerinas! YAY! I took ballet classes for 11 years growing up, and I think I miss the tutus more than anything. Tee hee.
    (And yes, we can wear them whenever we want to just because.)
    Happy Thursday, Daph! XO

  21. Such beautiful photos, Daphne! Love them all! I also adore that quote at the end. Very true and something worth reading everyday!

    Hugs xoxo,

  22. Now I want to go as a ballerina for Halloween hehe. Great post, loved every picture.

    Have a happy day
    -Julie. littlepinkrainboots.blogspot.com

  23. LOVE this post! Can't wait for another New Orleans visit!!! Have wonderful weekend, wish I was headed to the beach:)

  24. Oh this brought me back to my ballet day. How I miss my toe shoes! Where are they anyway? HUmmm. mental note to ask mom. I hope I have a little girl someday to go to recitals with til then I am content playing ball and playing in the mud with little man! XO

  25. I've been a ballet dancer since I was 4 (turning 30 this year!) and I've been on pointe for almost 17 years... needless to say, my feet and toe nails are..well...not so pretty... :) In fact, I've never had a pedicure ever in my life... mainly because I don't want to subject anyone to my feet... But I love to dance (and still do), so for me having ugly feet is a small price to pay in return for my love of ballet. :)

    But you don't have to be a ballet dancer to wear a tutu!! So don't be afraid to put one on and twirl around your living room. :)

  26. Awwwww :) I know. I understand. The last time I wore anything remotely tu tu like was my wedding gown. Ahhhhhh XO, Kelly

  27. I love tutus too! So girly and pretty and fairytale-ish!!! :)

  28. i love this post..thanks for starting my day off with a smile=)