He is Risen, Y'all!

He is! He is Risen, indeed!
Wow! I can't believe I've been away since last Friday. I have missd y'all☺
We got in late last night & to say I'm exhausted would be a total understatement.
Today isn't about me, it's about Him. I'll catch y'all up tomorrow!

But from this earth, this grave, this dust,
My God shall raise me up, I trust...
 ~Walter Raleigh
Tomb, thou shalt not hold Him longer;
Death is strong, but Life is stronger;
Stronger than the dark, the light;
Stronger than the wrong, the right...
~Phillips Brooks

We live and die; Christ died and lived! 
 ~John Stott
But from this earth, this grave, this dust,
My God shall raise me up, I trust....
~Walter Raleigh
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Have a beautiful & blessed Easter friends!


  1. Wonderful post! Glad y'all got back safely. Hope you have a lovely Easter! Rest up! :)

  2. Welcome home.

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  3. Happy Easter, Daphne!!! Welcome home :) I can't wait to read all about your trip :) I hope you have a wonderful day with your family!!!


  4. Welcome back my friend!!!! Happy Easter.... xo HHL

  5. Gorgeous post...glad to have you back Daphne honey! Happy Easter! Kori xoxo

  6. Just found your blog.. and I love this post! Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays and I love spending time with family on this day :)

  7. Happy Easter, Daphne! I hope you are enjoying your PEEPS!! Welcome home...so excited to hear all about your adventure. Next week we are going on a less than 48 hour trip from TX to NY for Rob's Grandmother's 96th Surprise Birthday Party...then back to school to finish out the school year! Counting the days....

  8. Amen.
    Great pics with great scripture.
    Happy Blessed Easter!

  9. Welcome back! Hope you've had a wonderful Easter! Isn't it funny how we miss our blog friends when they're gone? I've missed reading your daily posts and receiving your sweet compliments! Can't wait to hear all about your vacation!

  10. Lovely Easter post! Saw your tweet earlier about the unexpected trip with the MR. Hope he is feeling better! Praying<3

  11. Great pictures! I am so glad you are home safely!

    Happy Easter!

  12. Hope your Easter at the beach was awesome! Missed you :)