miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
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hey y'all!!! i'm back and let me just say & i quote dorothy:
{1 | 9 days away}
staying away 8 nights just about did me in. i missed my bed, my candles & my cookware☺ i did enjoy doing nothing at all but laying in the sun on the beach with the mr & my friends while our kids ran around with their friends. it was bitter sweet b/c while my kids were off hanging out & DRIVING, i watched moms blow up floaties and apply sunscreen. i got hardly NO pictures, grrr {what i got will follow on {semi} wordless wednesday- link up!!}

{2 | thank you friends, thank you}
i am so thankful to my sweet friends who filled in while i was away....from announcing a winner of my giveaway, sharing beautiful easter items, to drinks & a tribute, which brought me to.total.tears!! thank you ladies so much-xxoo
AND thanks to all the new faces i see on my google friend connect- i can't wait to meet y'all!
AND for all your sweet comments, emails & tweets! they all made me smile and touched my heart to know i was missed!

{3 | newest fav mag}
taste of the south..... loving this....not sure how i have missed it for so long

{4 | am i a prude or what?}
i just about fell out, out i tell ya, when i flipped through the pages of vogue & redbook and discovered the following pages. i mean seriously! i have a 14 yr old daughter who enjoys looking at fashion mags and i wounldn't have ever really though twice abt her slipping through vogue. she only looks at pics.....LOOK AT THESE PICS! i mean, have i been under a rock or what?? thankfully it was a free subscripion to vogue after a very large crazy  purchase from SAKS otherwise i would tell then to cancel!!
{these are off my iPhone, no watermark needed, i don't want my name on them!}

{5 | patience please...}
if you emailed me in the past week, please give me a little time.. i started earlier today trying to reply. if you don't hear back PLEASE EMAIL me with subject to catch my eye, something like your the best, you rock "PLEASE READ WOMAN" in the subject:) also, i am having to mark all read on my reader, mercy! it's amazing what happens when you put the "social media" on hold for a few days!
  anyone looking for a job?? ha

{6 | quotes, how i love thee}
y'all know i love quotes about as much as wine, so here's ya a few to go on-
{my all time fav.}

{via 1 & 2}
-see y'all wednesday for {semi} wordless wednesday..... take pics, add words & link up

**if you sent prayers/tweets for my MR last night, thank you! i appreciate them so much! hopefully the meds they gave him in the ER will help and he will be new soon:)


  1. loving the "hold a grudge" quote! needed it this am... missed ya last week, but glad you had fun!

  2. My favorite quote is the last one. So true.

    Okay, where can I buy that "astro glide" thing? He he...just kidding! Can't believe it's advertised in a magazine - and the "tag line." I was laughing so hard.

    When I was a kid, you couldn't even find ads for bras.

    Hope you have a fabulous day. Glad to hear your mister is okay.

  3. Wow... I am not a prude and I still think those ads are too provocative for print. I would not want my 12 yo coming across those either. I adore ADORE the quotes you have chosen. In fact, I nearly used the first one today. That would have been funny.

    Happy Monday to you too!!!

  4. Welcome back! Glad you had a wonderful trip and I hope all is ok with the MR. I am pretty modest, even in my teens and 20's I would blush reading Cosmo ;-)

  5. Welcome back gorgeous. Glad you had a wonderful trip! The magazines are unreal aren't they. I am 25 and I don't want to see that - I think the condom commercials that are on daytime tv are disgusting as well. Its sad what the world is coming to. Over the weekend my husband had a friend and his wife over. She is 60 and I am not sure how old he is - any way she was telling me that she has been eating so much food lately because if she doesnt eat she'll cheat, but she's needing some making love time so bad that she is ready to go rock the cradle...ummm hello what! I feel like someone like that is now running those magazines, because what high end fashion editor is going to put that sleazy junk in their magazine. Enjoy your day!


  6. Glad you're back. So jealous of your tan! Just caught up with twitter too, and glad to know the MR is ok and hope the meds kick it.

  7. Welcome back!
    I can not believe those mag advertisements! I guess I've been under the same rock you've been under!

  8. yeah! Yeah! Yeah! So glad you are back. I know you had a wonderful time though and I love those pics. You always seem to find the perfect and best pic? Glad hubs is doing better and yes I need your tan now!

  9. I know the feeling of missing your own bed....i have it right now!! haha

    i thought my phone was kinda crazy with notifications....yours is on another level

  10. WOWZA! Yep, giving social media a break feels nice but you certainly do have a lot of catching up to do! You're loved by a lot of peeps! :)

    Glad your vacation was nice - I feel the same way after a long week away from my little dwelling, I start missing it a lot when I hit day 6 or 7 :)

    Have a wonderful week, Daph!

  11. Girl these advertisers get more and more braver by the day! My youngest daughter (10) loves everything fashion and I really have to monitor and explain that just because they make it in your size doesn't mean you should be wearing it! lol
    So glad to have you back and thankful your Mr. is going to survive...he's in good hands :)

  12. love those quotes girl! have a good Monday!


  13. Happy belated Easter Daphne! Glad to hear that you had a nice trip with the family. But afte a long time away....your home is appreciated so much more! I am stunned at those Vogue pics and articles!! I am nearly picking my mouth off od the floor. Not sure what is going on with the Mr. (you know I am not on FB or twitter), but hope he is feeling ok. Also, hope you got the package I sent you and I am super excited that I WON the blog makeover from Shannon. Can't wait to see what she comes up with!

  14. You and I have been hiding under the same rock, I think. I had no idea there were ads like that in those magazines. Guess I'll be previewing things a little more closely now.

  15. sending you lots of love, my dear and many prayers.

  16. wowww can't believe those ads!! that is ridiculous!

  17. Sounds like you had a good vacation, but I couldn't agree more that there's no place like home. Last night was my first night back in my dorm after sleeping in bed at home for 4 nights..needless to say it was a restless night! I'm shocked by those Vogue ads..I'd expect something like that in a magazine like Cosmo, but Vogue is known for being more classy and sophisticated! And of course, I love your quotes, the one that probably spoke most to me today was: "The person who doesn't make mistakes is unlikely to make anything." Happy Monday!

  18. Daphne, glad you had a wonderful vacation. A chance to relax and catch up. I love all your quotes.
    Have a great week.


  19. You were missed! Glad to have you back. Your fill-ins were fabulous. :)

  20. glad to have you back!
    I was shocked when looking at those ads!! Seriously -- JAW DROPPED to my desk! un-freaking-real!
    welcome home!

  21. I'm glad y'all had a good trip! In 3 wks. I'll be laying there doing nothing too! I'm sooo ready. Prude? NO! I couldn't believe that was in Vogue. WOW!


    2. Those ads are absolutely ridiculous. I DON'T have a young daughter looking through them and find it offensive that they are in the magazine.

    3. Those quotes are all fabulous!

  23. umm I love this! I was just in DC and Saw Dorthy's Real Ruby Slippers! LOVE IT

    Wanted to invite you to our First Giveaway!

    love from San Francisco,


  24. This is an excellent post. I hear ya about the magazine! What are they thinking??? Love the quotes!

  25. Wow those ads in Vogue really surprised me! What's Vogue thinking?!

  26. Great post! I LOVED those quotes!


  27. Welcome back! I never get enough pics on vacation! I can understand! Looking forward to seeing what you did capture! Have a great day!

  28. glad yall are home and had fun! those magazine ads are AWFUL!! what is our world coming to? does everything have to be in-your-face/tacky/rude/tasteless???

  29. So glad you are back Daphne! Y'all were missed! Such a cute post! Is that really you phone? I am dying. I just got an iPhone 2 weeks ago and have never had that many notices! Girl, you are popular! Glad to have you back friend!

  30. Welcome home, always love the quotes! Have a joy filled week!

  31. love EVERYTHING about this post! so glad i came across your blog!! sounds like you had a great time girl!! can't wait to read more! xo

  32. Love those quotes!

    Loving your blog! :)

  33. Glad ya'll had a nice vacation! I have to checkout Taste of the South, I have never heard of it for some reason. Funny you said that about the magazines, I have been going through a HUGE pile this weekend and can't believe some of the things in them and I don't even have kids! If you get a chance PLEASE stop by my blog. I am hosting an ADORABLE giveaway and its my first one!

  34. Welcome back girlie!!! I missed you! I'm glad you had such a good time! I'm DYING to go to the beach!!

    Love the quotes!

  35. Welcome back! that picture of the girl sunbathing makes me want to layout so bad. I've never heard of Taste of the South, I'm really gonna have to hunt me down a copy. I ran across that second "racy" ad in a mag not too long ago and was a little embarrassed, I couldn't imagine being out and about and happily flipping through a mag and that image come up!. A little censure is not a bad thing in my eyes, especially in a fashion mag (if it were in Cosmo I'd expect it, but not in Vogue.)

  36. Woop, woop, our favorite pal is back. (Okay so I thought about quoting an Elton John phrase here---very similar minus one sorta offensive word!)
    But knew that was way to declasse for your blog. :)

    Anywhoodles, glad you're back and more importantly that R is home and well. Thanks for letting me guest blog for ya too!

    I think all those notices are God's way of telling you to slow down just a bit...SERIOUSLY!


  37. Glad you're back, but glad you had a fab vacation!! That last quote was fabulous and so true.