heart breaking & a little PSA

First, my heart goes out to all in Alabama who have been on the path of this horrible weather. I am in awe at the devastation. 128 deaths as of now reported, news is saying they fear the # may possibly rise. ☹I know 2 families who lost everything. {and a pet} Also, of a few who's homes/cars were damaged. While things can be replaced, THEY can not. Please keep all these families who have lost loved ones & their belongings. I just pray that God will blanket them with His hand and carry them through this.

Now, Good Morning Lovely Friends, grab a cup of joe.......

In an attempt to simplify my life {what is THAT?}
I am trying to get my meme's all set out.

My sweet friend Shannon & I have talked for months about slowing down our blogging, etc.
I have my family blog & also a blog for each of my children. {it will be revealed to them when they are older} Although we talked about it, I tried but just can't stay away☺ Shannon has now taken her hiatus. I will continue blogging just not as frequent. {sadly my babies are much older than GG, gone alot, so I have a little more time to get blogging in}
{all images via 1 & 2}
If you follow my blog, you obviously know I am a little OCD about things. I like "my place". Hence my weekly/semi monthly bloghops. I blog about certain things on certain days. Now on my family blog, it's all over the place:) I just ramble, that's why I call it my diary. It's nothing eloquent, just my thoughts, my brain. I started this blog for cooking/shopping/decorating things while my family blog is well, family things☺ I like knowing what type of blog I am reading so this way, I have them both! {i probably need medicine for this, huh??}

So, la la la.....I'm getting there.

I am trying to get Home Tour Tuesday themes set in stone so I can post them, uh, like next week! eek This month has flown by. Please, if there is something you would like to see as a HTT theme/share, leave me a comment and let me know. I will add it to the list. I will tell you now that May 3rd will be our first day back and guess what?? IT'S A FREE DAY! You show us whatever it is that your heart desires. I will be sharing my rooms that I painted several weeks back.

Like I said, In an attempt to be a people pleaser to cut back, I am going to be doing HTT every other week. So, I will alternate weeks. The week we do the recipe swap, we won't do HTT. How's that sound? Say it sounds awesome! Plus, not to mention summer {YAY} is going to be here in like 3 weeks & with our kids here, summer vacations, entertaining, yada yada, many of us will slack off a tad.

I also don't bloghop on days that I don't blog. {did I mention a little OCD?} It really just keeps me off the computer. I really try to hit my google reader when I wake, while I drink my coffee. Once my kids leave for school, I usually hit the ground running. Bet ya didn't know I go 90 to nothing all.day.long. did ya?? who'd thunk it??

{semi} wordless wednesday will stay each week, as long as you all want to participate, I will host. I am really thankful to see so many faces return each week & seeing a few new ones also☺once again, thanks for your sweet words thanking me for hosting, you're so welcome!!

ANDDDD be sure to swing by Sundresses & Smiles and enter her Dahl House giveaway!!

Well, that's about that. This Friday {TOMORROW} just happens to be recipe Friday! So, get those cameras out and turn on the ovens y'all, put on that cute apron & link up something delish~



  1. Dearest Daph,

    Well, that was quite a mouthful... Wish we had more hours in the day; that is my ONLY problem -- lack of time. It seems like we're running out of it at times and this month just went by without involving us.
    But you do what you feel like doing!
    Have a blessed day and lots of love,


  2. I think that is a perfect schedule! With summer coming, I know myself will be hit or miss, but I will never stop cooking (recipe swap) and showing off my spaces (HTT)! You take care of your family & children first...we'll always be here waiting for you...your positivity (is that word?!) is contagious :)

    I am thrilled your not leaving us all together...whew!

    Have a wonderful day and I look forward to linking up on Friday xoxo

  3. I think you need to do what you are happy with. I always say there I times I am too busy living my life to have time to blog about it.

    The photos will wait :O) I do enjoy the house tours as I am renovating right now :O)

  4. Daphne...so sad that Shannon has decided to stop her public blog :( We will all miss her greatly. But it is awesome that you are going to continue HTT! We all know that blogging takes alot of time, especially when you are so popular..LOL! But family is always first priority and we all could use a little more time with our loved ones. Me included :) You new schedule is great...and as long as it works for you, it can work for everyone else. And my heart and prayers are with all that have been touched by the horrible weather you are experiencing :)

  5. I am praying also for everyone down there experiencing this horrible weather....I will never complain about snow again....

  6. Such a moving post Daph! So much saddness lately in the world with all of the Tornado destruction. I pray for the families affected by this tragedy.
    I am also saddened by Shannon's decision to stop Webbisodes. She is my dearest blogging friend and blogging "mentor" and it so heartbreaking to see it all come to an end. Blogging can be funny sometimes, you want to use it to document and share your life, at the same time, I takes time from your life to keep up with it! It's all about finding a balance you are happy with.
    I support all of your changes Daph! You know I will still be here sweet friend!

  7. Dear Daph...I love that you break things up on a daily basis. Isn't OCD great? Love the images (especially the piano) and love that you are doing a Food meme Friday, I actually am preparing Fridays post and it is food. Did I mention I am so glad to have connected with you again? Hugs..

  8. Hi Daph!! I am just sick about what happened in Alabama. My heart goes out to everyone there. And I am so glad you are not leaving the blogging world altogether! :) xo -E

  9. Ah sweet friend I loved reading this post ... and the music is so soothing. I'm enjoying my cup of tea and have left your blog up, to listen to the music.

    Your structure sure helps many of us to gain some focus in blogging. As we know there are no rules to blogging - so its easy to be all over the place or turn it into a chore of "what am I going to write about?"...taking a step back and actually living is sometimes a great energizer. You have been and continue to be a great inspiration me, and many others .... THANK YOU!!!

    Also all the fabulous blogs out there can keep you on the computer for hours .. I love that you have set days to visit,others to post!!!

    The weather is starting to warm up here ...and since its here for such a short time in our corner of the world ... it's important to enjoy it as much as possible (the snow will be back here before we know it)... currently its been Hunter boot weather!!

    Thoughts and prayers for all affected by Mother Nature ... that they keep the faith and trust God has the master plan and no matter the detour their life is set off on ... they will be OK.

    Wishing you a wonderful week, many blessings..xo HHL

  10. We watched the Weather Channel for hours last night. It's so awful.

  11. Your new schedule sounds perfect! With summer coming, everyone will be all over the place! Your children are most important, so take care of them first! I hope you have a wonderful day!

    P.S. I'm hosting a dahl house giveaway too if you want to enter!

  12. Well I love visiting your blog, reading your post, twitter and checking out your cool pictures but totally understand the need for simplifying your life and activities. I did the same thing last May and after many discussions, number crunches and prayer I decided to no longer work and just stay home...best decision for my family, my sanity and my health. Now i'm just ready to get back into the exercise routine and focus a little more on me in my spare time so for myself, blogging will have to move a notch or two down on my list of priorities. Of course you are much more popular than me but for those of us who relly love you, we'll be here no matter if you post every day or once a month :)

  13. Hi There,
    We share the same name which I am sure you realized not that common. Found you via Kori's Blonde Episodes.
    You got a lot going on it seems. Will check it out.
    I am a SAHM as well.

  14. cannot believe this crazy weather all over the country...what is going on??!

    Your blog is amaze...your presence will be missed!

  15. Our prayers go to God to help the southern people.
    I understand the time it takes in blogging, or even reading the blogs.
    Check in every now and then! I enjoy your blog along with the pic's and sayings.


  16. Hello sweets! I feel as though I spend way too much time surfing blogs and looking for things to post. Then sometimes, like this week, I barely have time to even post anything. I guess that is just a part of blog life! Know that I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing what you are up to in your life. I am so glad that I found you!!

  17. This weather has been unreal and so amazing how quickly our lives can change. I always enjoy stopping by and glad you will still be hanging around. blessing to you!

  18. Have I told you that I adore you??? I have been trying to read and catch up every few days rather than every single day lately... I love blogging and all the amazing friends (like YOU) that I have met, but there just are not enough hours in the day!

    PS - I think that is the sweetest thing ever that you have a blog for each of you children that they will someday see - so very special. Sending you hugs!

  19. Yep, sounds AWESOME! :)

  20. You are a very busy blogger:). That is so great you keep a blog for each of your kids, it's also very creative. Also lovely pictures and quotes.

    -Julie. littlepinkrainboots.blogspot.com

  21. We have family in Alabama, so this especially hit home. Luckily, they are okay, but my thoughts and prayers are with all of those effected. Thanks for posting about my giveaway! Happy Friday!

  22. That is so sweet you have a blog for each of the kiddos. Do a schedule you are happy with. I love readying and will stick around for whatever works and link up when I can.