Things I'm Loving & A Winner!!

Yea, I'm from the South....
Don't act like you don't say it!
sometimes the country comes out

We will start with the giveaway cause I know your very interested to see if it was YOU!
I wish that I could give each an every sweet blogger who entered their very own preppy monogrammed floppy hat! Thanks to everyone who entered. I had a total of 338 entries!

I gt so excited when I have a giveaway cause I can't wait to see who's # is chosen. If I don't know them, I am excited that I get to know them & make a friend. If I do know them, I am so happy for a "friend".

This giveaway ended up being a F R I E N D ♥. A true, sweet & loving friend!! As soon as I hit generate and scrolled to the #, I was so exited to see......

Congrats Hannah!!
{I will shoot your info the ML}

You have another chance!
Head over to
How I Met Your Father!!
Her Marley Lilly giveaway starts today,

Things I'm Loving!!
Now, let's talk about some things I love. I think I will recap each month with my newest loves & obsessions. So for the month of March, I present to you the following- just for you, my shopaholic friends- no thanks needed☺


I love this parfum!! 
EXCLUSIVELY AT SAKS. Imagine femininity, luxury and style bottled. Introducing Jimmy Choo, the fragrance. Expressing an aura of strength and beauty, glamour and confidence, it is inspired by modern women. Luminous green top notes, a heart of rich and exotic Tiger Orchid, and lingering sensual base notes of sweet toffee and Indonesian Patchouli leave a sensual memory on the skin.

What it is:
A moisturizing treatment gloss infused with revolutionary technology to plump lips instantly.
What it is formulated to do:
Achieve maximum volume and brilliance for a truly stunning pout. This formula contains tiny, dehydrated, marine collagen micro spheres that absorb instantly and seek out the body's natural moisture. As soon as the spheres become rehydrated, they plump and hold onto the moisture they've collected, creating a mild "swelling" of the lip tissue. The result is fuller, smoother, perfectly plumped lips in seconds. Results can last for up to 48 hours.
I am so in love with this stuff!! I have been looking for a gloss with a splash of color.{that lasts!}

I love the way it makes my lips tingle.Just enough color andshine.
I have Blush.I just ordered the conditioning stick with SPF in Berry!
{stalking Mr Brown again this week, what else is new??}

OPI: Y'all Come back Ya Hear??

no explanation necessary....
fun spring color!

These are like a countertop cellar for your garlic & potatoes. 
It's ceramic, dark & well ventilated.
A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.
{never have I seen them in the store, I ordered mine}
I am amazed at the life of my galric & potatoes.
Definately worth the $$!
and loss of counter space

The women's Fly Split Short features a streamlined design and lightweight fabric with a split leg for a full range of motion and comfort.•P.R.O. Transfer fabric provides optimal moisture transfer with a superior hand feel
•P.R.O. Direct-Vent liner with Minerale™ for breathable, antimicrobial protection
•Laser cut Direct-Vent panels provide superior ventilation
•Flattering wide waistband with flat stretch drawcord for superior comfort
•One easy access back envelope pocket
•Reflective elements for low-light visibility
•3" inseam (size medium)

I have these in both colors, I wish they would come out with more...
do you hear my Pearl Izumi??
Now that it's warm I can wear them. I bought them in winter when they first came into my running shop. If your short, these are even more of a score b/c the are short! 
we wear short shorts

Moroccanoil® Curl Control Cream is formulated for naturally
curly and wavy hair with an advanced technology that offers intense
conditioning and detangling properties. Curl Control Cream delivers
exceptional movement to hair while enhancing natural curls and
offering optimal hold, adding volume, control and shine as well
as providing humidity resistance.

Curl Control Cream is a no-fuss, all-in-one styling product that
replaces the regular cocktailing of several styling products such as
leave-in conditioner, gel, mousse or anti-frizz.
  • Controls frizz
  • Enhances curl
  • Conditions curls
  • Optimal hold
  • Better control
  • Builds body and texture
  • Softens and shines hair
  • Perfect for all climates

I have many MorrocanOil products & this is my newest. I have the other curl cream but I think I like this new released one even better.

The smell of MO products is so yummy.
I use their shampoo, conditioner, hairspray {have it not sure why, lol}
the Oil, hair brush and another curl cream. 
I can honestly say the texture of my hair has changed since I started using these products.

thanks to my CHI!}

Well, that's a few things that I am loving these days that are newly discovered.
I hope that you all have an awesome Monday!!

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Shannon & I have some things in the works 
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  1. Eeeekk! I won, I won, I won--yippie!!! So fun, since I never win ;) Thank you for such a fun giveaway.

    Soo many things on today's post that I heart. That OPI polish is fab. I've got Taz Devil Made Me Do It right now, and it is such a fun color, too. Must try the shorts-thank you for posting them, I seriously need new ones. And those WS canisters are genius.

    Hope you have a good day, sweet friend!

  2. OOOh, all of your "loves" sound great!! I may need to order a few of those! Especially that Curl Contrl Cream...we all know that I need some control when I leave it curly! :)

    Have a great day! Hugs!

  3. HI My name is Tammy, your newest follower. I have really enjoyed looking at your blog! I think the perfume will be my next purchase.

    check out my blog, www.tammykemp.blogspot.com

    aka, The Not so Perfect Momma

  4. Congrats to hannah!! awesome giveaway - I'm jealous of her winnings! ;)

    Hope you had a fantastic weekend, Daph!

  5. I heard that Lip Fusions are absolutely amazing. Maybe i`ll have to go look for them and get my mum one as well. I have to find things to fill her Easter basket.


  6. Great picks for a Monday :)That Lipfusion sounds interesting, might need to get me some of that. And those cannisters are really neat. You always find great stuff at Williams Sonoma :) Looking forward to Shannon's giveaway tomorrow. Have a great day Daphne!

  7. lots going on today! i love the canisters -- i'm planning on moving out this june, into my own space, and i've been trolling home goods for some gorgeous ones!! i love my mom's, she got them at a flea market... and i'm trying to find something wiht that great flair and without the cost! !

  8. Love the william sonoma canisters! They not only look great but would finally provide a place for the tons of garlic we keep on hand! Thanks for sharing your favorite running shorts, I can't wait to check them out!

  9. CONGRATS to Hannah... lucky gal!!!

    I loved this post .. its always fabulous to learn about new products ... those canisters look great !! I'm a Moroccanoil addict, I've got a whole post coming up on it soon!!! just did a post on curly vs staright hair on the week-end ... Hope you had a fabulous week-end and wishing you many blessings for the week ahead.. xo HHL

  10. yes, great minds think alike! ha! ha!

    hope you have a great day. can't wait to see what is included in the sales, yippee!!

  11. I've got to check out the Moroccan Oil...I've heard that works wonders and I need all the help for my hair that I can get!

    Happy Monday!


  12. Love your "picks" posts...you need to do it monthly! I'm seriously interested in those canisters. Sometimes a cool, dark, dry place ain't enough in my house...had a red bliss potato(leak) mishap a few days ago...unacceptable.

    Soooo looking forward to the new HTT themes...can we get a hint?!

    Have a great week xo

  13. I will have to try that cream, it sounds great!

  14. I absolutely love the smell of Jimmy Choo!
    Happy Monday!
    xoxo, kmw

  15. Oh my goodness, such wonderful information on some must-try items! I've seen the gorgeous Jimmy Choo bottle in mags but have yet to smell it ... going to do that the next time I'm at the perfume counter!! Love that you've actually tried the items and have given us a review! Thanks, Daphne, for visiting Ooh La Frou Frou ... we love our glamorous girlfriends! xoxo


  16. oh no Lilly on Rue LaLa! (bank account shrinking)

  17. Congrats to the winner! I love that hat! I'm loving that OPI color too--so fun for spring!

  18. thanks for sharing your loves! i might have to check out those shorts!

  19. I think I'm going to just go ahead and buy a ML hat :(

  20. Congratulations to Hannah! Yay!! :)

    I love Lip Fusion and wear the color "Bare." It's my favorite! I am also obsessed with anything Moroccan Oil- I have the shampoo, conditioner, original oil, and hair spray. Love it all! :)

    I will have to check out the running shorts. I'm in desperate need of a new pair!

    Thanks for sharing.

  21. Love your "loves" and just may have to check out the lip fusion. And, looking forward to what you girls have up your sleeve for May. This is always a fun stop!

  22. I love Moroccan Oil. Haven't tried the cream, but it looks good. I really want to try those LipFusion glosses too, they look so pretty.

  23. That description has me sold on the perfume... running to Saks ASAP. And the OPI - how adorable! Good night, darlin'!

    Congratulations to Hannah - what a sweet hat!

  24. I need to try that perfume!

  25. You ROCK!!! I heart you so <3
    Love Jimmy Choo & Moroccan Oil is a southern girl's life saver. My curls just won't leave home w/o it!
    I'll have to check out the lipfusion & canisters.
    Unfortunately these legs won't be seen in those shorty shorts : )
    Happy Monday sweet friend! Thank you soo much!!!

  26. fabulous choices!!!...Love,love,love your blog!

  27. I NEED those storage canisters! Just LOVE Williams-Sonoma!