Thou shall not judge!!

Unless it's wine☺
Then, I will forgive you.

I told ya I'd have a wine post on Monday.
I just didn't say when on Monday.

I have been one busy busy girl.
Thank you for all your sweet comments, words & tweets in reference to my anniversary!
I was in tears/awe reading each & every one of them.
It was truely a blessed weekend.
Pics on [semi} wordless wednesday.

Also, thanks to all my new followers!! Wow, I am so blessed y'all!
I have bookmarked each & every one that commented over the past 2 posts saying you were new & to swing by. I am coming, I promise!! I'll be by very soon☺

Now, let's talk about wine, shall we?
If you are a new reader, I love wine-
if your long time friend, you know I love wine☺

I recently came across this article in Rachel Rays magazine.
Very interesting information. ENJOY!
{if you read this when I blogged for Jess a few weeks ago, pretend this is the first time ya've seen it, I just haven't had a day to share it!} And yes, ya've is a word in the South!

{via 1 & 2}

Who knew??
Cheers Y'all!

See y'all Wednesday for {semi} wordless wednesday!
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Get your recipes ready y'all.....
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  1. learning more about wine is definitely on my to-do list! one of my best friend's dads owns a vineyard and we are doing a pledge class wine tasting there this sunday!

  2. I love love wine! I have learned not to discriminate, cheap, expensive, as long as there is liquid in the bottle I will try it! It can be so fun discovering cool new wines!
    Have a great week!
    xo, kmw

  3. who knew you could learn so much from such minute details like bottle shape??

    i love the keep calm and drink wine!

  4. thanks for all of the pointers!!! love your wine knowledge! :) can't wait to see the pics from your anniv!!

  5. These were fabulous pointers and you know one can not have to many (pointers) when it comes to wine!!! Can't wait to see the pics my friend...Happy Monday..xo HHL

  6. what does it say about wine in a box? does that count? :) i do love me a nice glass of wine but I much prefer me a margarita-rocks, no salt please or a white chocolate martini...yummers....or if i'm in the pool it's a little concocktion we made up last summer and I call it Lil Huggie....i had plenty of the "good stuff" but I ran out of oj and started using the kids juicies called Huggies....I probably shouldn't admit I "borrowed" their juicies for my pleasure but it's out there now ;)

  7. Wow, Fantastic info, thank you! I am a wine lover as well, but was unaware of some of these facts. Thanks to you, I'll enjoy my vino even more :) Lilacnpearls

  8. I heart wine :)


  9. Great post, I love wine and I'm going to Sonoma in a couple of months to taste all the wine I can!

  10. I don't drink, however I am taking a class to learn how to pair wines with foods. I want to attempt to impress my husbands parents for once in my life... I am sure it won't happen though. :]


  11. I love wine (as you well know) and there is always something more to learn about it, thanks for the tips dear!!

  12. Just made plans for a little wine tasting on Thursday night. Perfect timing. Thanks for the giveaway shoutout love.

  13. Hi! I'm a new reader and new that I was going to love your blog when I saw your post about wine. I'm a wine lover as well, though I must admit I don't know everything about wine. I never knew that the alcohol level in wine effects how it feels in your mouth!

  14. Thanks for the lesson. I definately picked up some things I didn't know :)

  15. I love wine, too, but I don't know as much about it as I should. My rule for discerning whether a bottle is good or not is this: If I've seen it advertised on maintstream tv or in magazines....avoid/do not give as a gift!

  16. I'm a new reader and loving your blog. Thanks for this helpful post as I normally just drink what is given to me.

    My grandfather makes wine and always takes the gold ribbon at California State fair. I could tell you all the steps that go into wine-making but am still clueless when it comes to selecting a good bottle at the market.

  17. I missed your anniversary because I was playing down south! I hope you had a fantastic one!

    This post sort of makes me want to bust out of the office and just go sipping wine all day long! baaaad influence! ha ha

  18. Just came over from Scientific Housewife ... so glad to find you!

  19. Oh, I like wine! And I buy it as gifts a lot..... and the label has to be cute.

  20. Hooray for wine!! So glad you had a wonderful anniversary :)

  21. This is one of the most interesting posts ever! I think I saw it on Jess' blog a while back! Love it! And I do love me some wine!! We need to find fleur de lis wine glasses .... unless you already have some! Ha!

  22. Great post, I loved these tips. The tip about the alcohol content effecting the "feel" of the wine is very useful I like light sweet fruity wines that I can have with just about any dinner.

    -Julie. littlepinkrainboots.blogspot.com

  23. What fabulous tips - I love wine but definitely learned some new things. Cheers!

    And a very happy belated anniversary to you! I hope you had the most romantic, lovely weekend celebrating! XO

  24. Uh-oh…ignore “cute critters”…my favorite wine is Winking Owl Merlot…the bottle does have an owl on it…am I committing a wine drinking felony (gulp)

  25. Oh my I love that SIGN...drink wine stay calm...so much my motto ;) Sheraz, merlot or cab are all my friends.

  26. great tips. I am still trying to learn about wine

  27. I too loooooove wine (: and this was soo helpful!

  28. I miss being around others who appreciate wine! Great post!

  29. Love this post. Such great information. I usually just pick which label catches my eye the best. ;)

  30. Just had a 2009 Shingleback Shiraz last night....mmmmmm Tasty! One of my favorites!

    1. You make me understand. It is knowledge for me. Great post of helping me.