Common Wine Myths Uncorked!

Consider these three statements:
  • The world is flat
  • The moon is made of cheese
  • Opening a bottle of wine before you drink it helps the wine to breathe

Which ones are the myths? Got ya—they’re all myths!

Myth 1: Open a wine to let it breathe.

Technically, this can be true for reds . . . but simply opening the bottle will do nothing to aerate the precious contents. Older and younger wines tend to benefit most from aeration, so the next time a waiter asks, “Would you like to let the wine breathe?” an appropriate reply might be, “Sure, do you have a decanter?” If the restaurant doesn’t have one, pouring the wine into the glass and swirling it can have the same effect. Click here for more information about aeration.

Consider some of the other common myths about wine.

Myth 2: Sniffing the cork helps determine wine quality.

No. If anything, it means you’re a novice, because there is very little you can tell about wine from smelling the cork. So why does the waiter put the cork on the table?

Back in the day, this practice of showing the cork to the patron confirmed that the label on the cork matched the one on the bottle. What can a cork reveal about the wine’s quality? If it’s wet, this is a sign the bottle was stored properly, on its side.

Myth 3: If you don’t like a wine, just send it back!

Alas, we have all made poor choices when ordering wine at a restaurant. Perhaps the wine didn’t pair well with your entrĂ©e, maybe it was too sweet, sour or bitter, or you were simply more in a “red mood” than a white one.

So, just send the wine back for another? No. The ONLY time you should consider sending the wine back is when it is defective. Meaning, the wine is “corked” or has a serious flaw that makes it undrinkable.

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  1. I love your wine lessons... I always learn something new like why the cork is left on the table :)

  2. We have quite a cellar in process. I love ordering wine online through Lot 18. I do hate paying the, in some cases, almost 400% markup on wine in some restaurants. We don't have a lot of BYOB options here but I wish we did.

    It is going to be quite the season for RHONJ. Gotta love Theresa and how passionate she is and Caroline and how tender her heart is and what a fierce mama she is. Lizzie Grubman? Ugh.

  3. This is wonderful information!! Wishing you a fabulous week... hugs and blessings, xo HHL

  4. Such a cute blog!
    Love your tips - if you like wine, check out Square Hats Wine on FB - they post a few new wine notes a week and actually have a tasting tomorrow night in ATL on this subject ( sad I can't go)

    To Jilly - yes poor lizzie grub well she just looked like grub. ugh Also look at Wtso.com. I also LOVE CASS in paso robles. Awesome wine club that actually doesnt charge you for shipping - their Mouvedre is to die for! CHeers

  5. We have a Vinturi aerator and love it!

  6. Thanks for the great info!! I love that you know so much about wine :) I DVRed the RHONJ..so don't tell me yet!! I can't wait to watch it!

  7. great info! And love that Red, Red Wine popped on.

  8. Holy Cow! RH of NJ!!! OMGEEE!
    Those people are absolutely insane!
    Who lives like that?
    I didn't want the crazy to end!

  9. I never could figure out why people smelled wine corks! I always thought I was just missing something...thank you for making me feel like I'm not out of the loop :)

  10. I do not watch RHONJ but your comments last night on Twitter were cracking me up. I apparently am missing out, ha

  11. What a fabulous post!! Who doesn't love to learn a little more about wine!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day my sweet friend!

  12. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips!!

  13. Fabulous post. I so enjoy your blog!Love the vino as well. I am your newest follower. I am @http://seasidestyle.blogspot.com. Have a great day!

  14. I always keep the corks, as I use them for craft projects!

  15. OOH, thanks for these! I'm not a big wine drinker, but would love to learn more!

  16. Love this!! I always laugh when people ask to see the cork!


  17. What a fun post! I'm learning new things about wine every day :)

  18. Thats such a good tip about letting wine breathe! I had no idea.

  19. I wish I liked wine, but I've never acquired the taste... in fact the only alchoholic beverage I like is champagne...but it has to be just the right kind! LOL! I've missed reading and can't wait to catch up!

  20. Love these little lessons! And how perfect…b/c I just picked up the clean eating stripped book…ugh! Did you ever do that? We'll see…I need to get my butt back running now that its SPRING! XOXOXO

  21. What?! The moon is NOT made of cheese! There goes all my hopes and dreams...thanks :( lol!
    I'm wondering what wine we should pair with the RHONJ watch party? Something with a little splash of crazy huh?

  22. Thanks for hosting today. Love the wine. I danced with the song last night.

  23. You are such a savvy wino! I didn't know these things (I'm a beer girl, mostly), but I love KNOWING!

  24. Love love love my wine!! I did watch NJ. WTH???? I can't believe I actually watch this stuff!

    Yeh, I know I'm like really late commenting on this but I'm still trying to catch up from vacay & I REFUSE to hit the "mark all as read" button!! BTW, still can't comment using my google accoung.