Fashion Fridays: Novel Release Party!

Today is dedicated to Kori,
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!

Today, Kori from Blond Eposides novel is being released! 
How awesome is that??
Julie & I decided to throw her a virtual party.
We love parties & are always looking for a reason to celebrate.
What better way than with a blog party??

So, let's put on our best heels, lip gloss, maybe a tiara and send Kori our best, shall we?

Here are some beautiful flowers for our beautiful girl-


If this isn't a reason to get up & dance, 
I don't know what it!

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Kori, once again, congrats!
You have accomplished so much in your young age.
You're truly an inspiration.
I love your heart & your love for our Lord.
I love you, friend!

Please pop over and visit Kori,
show her her some love-
you'll be glad you did.

Are you ready to start reading?
Download your EBook now, here from Amazon!!
Paperbook soon to follow.

A little peek of what to expect:
Bobbi had always wanted to find Mr. Right. But, as a young, independent woman in her late 20's, Hollywood was probably not the right place to find him, especially in the 1950's. Just when she thinks she's found her Prince Charming, she gets involved in something sinister. Bodies are appearing all over town, and if she doesn't figure it out, she'll be the next murder victim...on the Boulevard.

p.s. soon you may be able to win a copy of the famous Kori's novel, right here!

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  1. That is awesome! Congrats, Kori!

  2. Beautiful post!!! Blog friends are so inspiring ... Kori , is one of the inspirations to get back working on my book... I'm happy to join your party in her honour!! XO HHL

  3. having a book published is such a great accomplishment!

  4. Cheers to Kori - and what a fabulous teaser, oui??? I cannot wait to read!

    Happy Friday to you, sweetie! You and Julie sure do know how to throw a party. ;)

  5. So awesome!!! Congrats to Kori!

  6. Daphne, this was so nice of you to do for Kori!

    Today is definitely a day to celebrate her accomplishment!

  7. Daph, you are amazing...seriously. First of all, I can't believe you dedicated your playlist to me and you and Julie are so special and what you've done for me has truly touched my heart. I cried when I saw the posts. Love you honey! Kori xoxo

  8. Congrats to Kori! What beautiful images Daphne. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  9. What a fun virtual party!

    Blessings to you for a wonderful Mother's Day!

  10. Wooohooo! What an accomplishment, I would someday love to write a book myself!

  11. Aw that is so sweet. Such a neat idea a "virtual party" I've never heard of one nor seen it before but I'm glad I got to be a guest :)

    -Julie. littlepinkrainboots.blogspot.com

  12. Have a great weekend Daph! This is a lovely party and it's so exciting to see our friends advance in the direction of their passions :) XO, Kelly

  13. Beautiful photos! I'm so excited for Kori and have linked up with you :)

    Can't wait for the hard copy to come out so I can read it!

  14. Awww... soo sweet to through a virtual party! It was fabulous :)