Home Tour Tuesday

Welcome back my HTT friends. Unfortunately my past days haven't gone as planned. The MR leaves today for Bham. I've been busy getting him packed (all his work stuff, printer,paperwork, computer.he has more clothes & STUFF than a woman- Yada yada yada) it's taken a toll on me! Not to mention a toll b/c he is leaving us:(. I am thankful he will be helping many storm victims soon-I also can't wait to arrive w/the kids & volunteer! I am sitting here now watching the news, still in awe.☹

So, I have no post today. I am here however for y'all to post! ♥
Link something old if ya want.
Here are a few of my favorite HTT posts-
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I want y'all to know that between the poll on here and tweets, the numbers are about 1 to 10 to stop HTT for the summer. So I have a list that I'll be posting for y'all once it's totally composed.

{let's enjoy our summer and pick back up in the fall}

The recipe swap pole is very close. Please look on the right side-bar & cast your vote! being the OCD girl i am, i need to get my summer schedule started

I will continue to do {semi} wordless wednesday weeklyWith the MR out of town, the kids and I will most likely be traveling bk and forth all summer long. So, ofcourse I will have pictures!

Today was a FREE day, so show me what cha' got y'all!


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  1. Yahoo…maybe when it starts up again I will have this house in some sort of fashion and can share! Working on the deck this week :)

    I'll be thinking of you as your husband takes off to help others. Again, you are very lucky to have a man like that in your life. I cant wait to see all your pictures of your volunteering and summer fun!


  2. This was a fun entry for me today and I think the gals will enjoy it. Looking forward to your list for summer. I always enjoy stopping by, your blog makes me smile. Happy Tuesday!

  3. Hey Daphne...just wanted to pop by and say hello. I am sure you are exhausted mentally and physically from all that is going on over there. Just think though, the Mr. and you guys are all doing something great to help others. That is worth being tired :) Left you a message on the other blog...loved you wearing the apron..LOL! Stay strong and have a great day!

  4. That is great of you and hubby and your wonderful kids to help out. Glad ya'll are all ok and able to help. Prayers still going up for all affected by these horrible storms that we have been dealing with.

  5. Thank you for hosting! God bless your family for doing so much to help the storm victims :)

    I look forward to *seeing* you on Wednesdays and hope you have a sunshine-filled, fab summer!

    xoxo Traci @ Coastalpines

  6. Happy Tuesday, Daphne! Just stopped by to say hello .. you're always so funny and I love when you cross out those oh-so-telling words in your posts! :D Sounds like you and your family are OH SO BUSY. Just sending love!! xo

  7. I think it's wonderful that you and your family are volunteering. Hope you have a glorious (and meaningful) summer!

  8. You and your family are going to do such incredible things in Alabama! And that's too funny about your husband..my dad travels frequently and my mom ALWAYS has to help him pack, hehe!