miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1 | thanks to the men in blue}
last night we arrived home from out of town. as soon as we walked in i went
straight to the laundry room to start clothes. i heard something above me (upstairs) lil mr came in and totally hear it. ran and loaded the AK! mini-me hears it and freaks/tears up. i try to compose myself (mr is out of town & we left our guard w/him this weekend BIG MISTAKE) i call the cops cause well, i have no idea what else to do. thankfully there wasn't a murderer in  here cause i may have been dead by time they got here they get here, look through everything.. thank GOD they find nothing. think it's cause we had been gone and then turned air on (which we didn't but i am making myself believe we did) which in turn makes the wood beams in the attic expand. ummm. ok. whatever you have to say to make me sleep, mr. 
if you don't hear from me after this post, you'll know it wasn't the wood expanding!!!

{2 | stylin' with the monkeys}
i love these sandals {tory burch-thora} but friends, don't attempt to wear them 
to the zoo- unless it for like 20 min. i wore these yesterday for almost 3 hrs and
while they are definitely cuter than your everyday rubber flip flop, 
they are like walking on concrete with a rubber band between your toes.
yes, i went for looks over comfort...i admit it. guilty as charged. it was worth it too.

{3 | momma juice boxes}
FYI, incase you didn't know.
they make them!
i need to market one with a straw & that tastes better
wine. in a little box with pop top.
we were sitting STILL (maybe went 5-6 miles) 
in abt 1 hr 45 min traffic on hwy.
when we finally got out of that mess, we stopped at gas station, i let lil mr drive (he's NOT lil, he is 17) and i took the passenger seat.

this plus this, wild & cray cray dog...
and 3 ppl abt to wet their pants
in stand still traffic (over turned tanker truck leaking gas)
equals =
between a GPS, radar detector & 3 phones all plugged in, i am surprised we didn't cause an explosion ourselves!

{4 | pain free running}
i will be doing a more in depth post on these shoes but til then, i encourage you to check out "newtons".  since i have changed, i have had NO injuries. no shin splint. no calf injuries/pain.
{like someone jabbing me w/an ice pic}
{more info HERE}
i ran in mine once, then immediately bought a second pair.
Run barefoot to discover your optimal running form. You'll discover immediately that when you run barefoot, you're not landing on your heels. Instead you are landing on your midfoot/forefoot.
Landing on your midfoot/forefoot is the most natural way to run. It is also the fastest and most efficient way to run. Newton Running shoes are the only shoes that were developed specifically for Natural Running.

{5 | fav new iphone app}
CardStar® eliminates wallet overload by consolidating your membership and rewards cards on your smartphone —  letting you access scannable cards, deals and retailer information within a single app.

{6 | winner winner chicken dinner}
and the winner is.....

you are the winner of The Collector by julie elliot!
shoot me an email & let me know what email you would like it sent to!
make it a great one everyone!


  1. Thanks for the running shoe tip...would love to try them. OUCH though, why is everything so expensive???
    Happy Monday to YOU!

  2. i HATE hearing noises when I am home by myself...especially because we live in the middle of nowhere.

    loving the wine juice box! haha

  3. Don't you just hate it when you spend money on shoes and they end up being not so comfortable? Glad you made it home, safe and sound! Whenever I am home alone I always hear sounds that are not "normal". I'm off to download that app!

  4. Love the running shoe tip -- I'm going to share it with a friend of mine who has terrible shin splint pains.

    And noises like that creep me out as well!

    And finally, that traffic? Crazy.

  5. Those shoes are adorable and WINE in juice boxes...AWESOME! Never even knew they existed.

    Glad to hear everything was okay on the "home front." No intruders.

    Your dog cracks me up (I know all about "wild dogs" in the car. Pass the wine box, please!). Too cute!

    Thanks for signing up for the swap!

  6. okay i swear we are the same. I would have cried, called the cops, ran and got the gun myself! Love that your mister told you what you needed to hear to go to sleep (not saying he is lying) but my man tells me things like that all the time-just to pacify me! LOL!
    Love the dog pics and those shoes look as comfortable as you say!

  7. Oh and the mini wine juice boxes- killer idea!

  8. 1. Thank GOD everything was okay! We've had something similar happen (we weren't home, but we go the alarm that went off) and when we got home, the door had been jimmied (if that is how you spell jimmied). Anyways, no matter what, it's scary!
    2. Exactly the reason I haven't bought those TB's, I walk too much and they would hurt.
    3. Loving the momma juice boxes....right up there with the purse!
    4. Checking out these shoes for my next pair.
    Have a great day!!

  9. So scary to come home and hear noises! You have an AK? Maybe I need one of those too! When I had my two story home I was constantly hearing noises! I really think it has something to do with having two levels and thinks settling or whatever or at least that's what I always told myself ;)

    I'm your newest follower! I hope you pop by over at my blog too :)


  10. Oh my Gosh ... those little creepy noises always get the best of us ... living out in the country we get all sorts and thankfully we I have Stella and Dolce to give alert - which I don't know if thats good or bad ~ because it makes me more scared as the slightest noise, they sound the barking alarm... lol... I'm glad that all was fine at your home.

    I'm not a runner ... but those look great for walking too!

    Today is a holiday in Canada and thankfully the rain is holding off until the evening ... so I'm off to enjoy the outdoors and do some gardening..
    Wishing you a fabulous day...xo HHL

    P.S. check your mail box...

  11. I have called the popo more than a few times when I hear loud noises in the house - it always freaks me out!

    I buy those wine boxes for a friend who is a total wino (read: lush) and I always tell her they are for her purse lol!

  12. Thanks for the sandal FYI and love those doggie photos

    Happy Monday!
    Linda (aka beachside cottage)

  13. Noises...freak me out. My husband travels a lot for business and that's when I hear crazy things. ; )) Mini wine juice boxes would be divine!

  14. Wine in juice boxes?! Just stop it! I'm DYING here! Could I pack them for lunch??? Oh, I'm sure i would be happier at work that way! haha! Glad you are safe and sound. If we don't hear from you, I'll send my big guard dog (aka small teeny tiny maltipoo) to come track you down! XOXO

  15. I would have been so scared! I don't blame you for calling the cops at all!!!

    Love the running shoes - hope they work out well for you!!! :)

    Have a blessed day, Daph!! xoxo

  16. Glad everything was okay with you and your home!
    I am going to have to check those shoes out! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Happy Monday Daphne!! I feel like we haven't spoken in ages..LOL! Glad your weekend was good, but sorry you came home to a scare. I would have been a mess :) I will be sure to watch that you are posting as usual...or I will be calling the cops to make sure nothing has happened..LOL! I am so loving wine in a juice box container. Even though it is early, I could use it now! And those Tori Burch sandals are adorable, but the zoo needs comfort, not beauty!! Have a great day!

  18. ooo!! can't wait to hear about the new shoes! I ran this weekend and realized I need a new pair.

    Cardstar?! AMAZING! I have to see if it comes up for the Android phones!

  19. How exciting--I never win anything, but these last few weeks my luck has changed--I have been winning giveaways left and right! I'll definitely have to check out those shoes; running is such a good workout, but I'm not a huge fan of it and I always get shin splints!

  20. So glad you're safe!! I HATE hearing noises....I just freeze and can't do anything, hahaha...I'm such a girl.

    I am going to look into those shoes; my shins always hurt :( Darn Nikes! And I'm totally getting that APP. I never have my "numbers" on me and have probably missed out on thousands of dollars of free stuff (Ha - I wish!!)

    Happy Monday, D!!


  21. So sorry to hear you got freaked out last night. I would be freaking out too!

    Thanks for the heads up on the adult "juice" boxes and the new iphone app. I've got to get my hands on both of those!

  22. So glad y'all are okay! I have an awesome pair of saucony running shoes but I'm def going to look into this new shoe you're talking about!


  23. Those sandals are to die for! LOVE THEM!

  24. Happy Monday Daph! Lovin' the iPhone app recs!

  25. Hahaha, Momma Juice boxes! That's just the kind of good story I needed to hear this morning. Well look at that it's already afternoon! Ha, Happy Monday!

  26. i have dog ears and can hear everything at night. i feel like half the time i spend it walking the floors at night. thank goodness for our southern boys and their guns!

  27. I need to find these wine juice boxes!

    super cute blog!

    xoxo-your new follower,
    Hannah @ a lovely mess.

    come see me!

  28. I would've been freaked out!! Glad the popo couldn't find anything.

  29. Scary - so glad it was just the wood "expanding." :)

  30. I would have called the police too, better safe than sorry I say. Glad you guys are alright. I love those sandals, I too have had the "Zoo shoe blues." I need those tennis shoes. Thank you so much for doing the giveaway. Congrats to Allie (sundresses and smiles!)

    Happy Monday,
    Julie, littlepinkrainboots.blogspot.com

  31. Girl I'm glad ya'll are ok and the boogie man didn't get you. My ups man works nights and the kids rooms are downstairs and ours upstairs and if I didn't have our big old dog stay downstairs I'd be a nervous wreck. When she barks it sounds like she's ready and willing to eat you! I've never had to pull the guns out in the house before and am scared to death to do it too. I'm a good shot but I've always had a fear that one of the kids would get between me and the gun..that fear and one about crossing the dang MS/AR bridge and it falling down. GONER! LOL
    Have a great evening!

  32. Omg... what a scary experience to get to your house and hear something. It's good that you have your lil mr with you. I don't know what I would do if I walked in to my house and heard something.

  33. ZOMG I need those juice boxes! what brand were they?

  34. I can totally relate about hearing things! I actually called the police one night on a freakin' floral delivery person.. but he arrived at 1030pm at night with a flashlight adn the hubs wasn't home!! ha!

    I'm glad you found a good pair of running shoes! We're gonna run a race together sometime in our lifetime!!


  35. I ALWAYS choose style over comfort... and usually end up suffering for it. Beauty is pain, right? Happy Monday, sweetie!

  36. They have wine "juice" boxes in Germany!! Saw them on my trip to Stuttgart...little Reislings! I should have stocked up!

    Also....started my own blog: EquineGroove.blogspot.com

    I hope you stop & visit...hopefuly I'll grow to have more than my 2 followers (and no, one of them is NOT my Mom!) :)

  37. Well, don't feel alone in being scared. Our world today has made us errie of every little thing. I would have called the cops too!

    I'm glad to be back in town myself and back with my "blogging buddies." Blessings for a beautiful week!

  38. Glad everything was okay.

  39. I would call the police all the time when I lived alone. They knew me because i was the TV reporter in the small town. So funny. Glad it was nothing.

    Cute shoes. Sorry they are uncomfortable. Have a good week.

  40. So so freaky about the attic!! As for the traffic, i would have been drinking that wine in your cup holder!

  41. Okay, so your 'momma juice boxes' are cracking me up! :) Too funny! And I sure hope the police were right! Otherwise you might need a juice box to be able to sleep at night!

  42. So glad that you stopped by...and glad to know about that app.....

  43. I'm going to try the ankle pads someone suggested. And the cooler was so cute, and for a good price too at Marshalls.


  44. Ok, I have rheumatoid arthritis and I'm 8 months pregnant and I still did almost the same flip-flop thing on Saturday :) Sometimes cuteness has to come before comfort!

  45. Woot, woot...didn't I hit the jackpot with my swap partner!! Yay, well hopefully I can find you some flip flops that don't tear up your feet like those lovely's above did!! So excited to get to know you through the swap! I actually was am already a follower (but never commented womp...womp...wooooo)

  46. so good to know about the Tory Burch shoes! I have a gift card for there (just bought a pair of sunglasses- I love them) and a friend told me to get a pair of shoes... will maybe get a wallet instead! :)

  47. bah i don't want to hear it with the tory burch...i want those sandals for this summer!! they're too cute! and ps they sell the wine juice boxes at target :). loves it.

    thanks for stopping by and wishing my hubs a happy birthdya. hope you're having a good week!

  48. I love, love, looooove Newtons! I swear I try them on EVERY time I go to the running store. I drool. I stare. I should really be embarrassed. They are amazing and everyone I know who runs in them SWEARS by them. BUT (there’s always a “but”), I just can’t bring myself to pay $175 for the pair I want. The Saucony Fastwitch 5 shoes that I run in are $90, so I could almost buy two pairs of those for the price of one pair of Newtons. And with a bebe on the way, we have to be smart with our dollars. **sigh** Maybe Santa Claus will bring me some?

    Oooooh, I freaking LOVE that CardStar app! I’ve had it for forever, and whenever I show it to someone, they are all, “OMG! I HAVE to have that!” It has seriously simplified my keyring and now I will never have to worry about forgetting a bonus card. And, believe me, if a store offers a bonus card, I WILL sign up for it. I’m a sucker. I would HIGHLY recommend that app to anyone! Even store associates are impressed by it!

  49. I'm so curious about your shoes, being a new runner and all!! :) I *thought* we were supposed to land heel first, now I'm wondering if that is what has caused me some pain. I can't wait for the next run, I'm def going to try midfoot/forefoot and see how it feels

    Kristy @ www.darnneardomestic.com

  50. So I was at my podiatrist just this week because of my Tory Burch sandals. We took an unexpected hike and I paid the price! I even wore them to the dr, where he expressed great dismay at such flimsy shoes. Like you said, worth it!!