Guest Blogging

Hey Lovlies! Lawdy Mercy! This summer is in full swing. I have been a MIA from the social media  the past few days, while I have been out ENJOYING LIFE! I can't wait to catch up on my blog reading tomorrow. Today, you can find me over at Karen At Home. She is doing a series on SHAMs. Be sure to swing by & say Hi. If you aren't familiar with Karen, you may just have a new read!

Tomorrow is Wednesday, y'all know what that means!

Also, a big thank you to all who participate las week in {s}ww and stopped by to send love to others. You all are so sweet & make it a success. I'd rather have a few participants who show love & meet new friends than 1,000 that link, run and don't visit. Again, thank you! Xo

Friday is Recipe Swap Friday!! What'cha been cooking this week? Be sure to take pics of your next experiment & link up. I am thinking that next swap day, I may have it a HEALTHY swap. I had someone mention it to me and I thought that would be a great idea!

Last but not least, I am still looking for Home Tour Ideas for the fall. If there is anything that you would like to see featured or have any ideas/thoughts please share them with me. I'd like to have the list posted in the next few weeks.

iPhone users, if you are like me & always taking a bazillion pictures, you must download "instagram". You can follow your friends through pics! Find me, I am flipflopspearls (duh!)

Bondi Band giveaway ends 6/24. If you haven't entered, you can HERE.

Well, I hate to leave but there is a pool outside waiting on me.......with a little bit of this and a little bit of that.....



  1. ahhhh... sounds fabulous!!! enjoy the pool .. xo HHL

  2. awe lucky!!

    i had an idea for the home tour.."what's in your cabinets?"
    idk you might have done something like that already, just a suggestion.

    have a fabulous tuesday out by the pool!

  3. Hey there Daphne...just popping in to say hello. Hope your hubs had a great Father's Day with the kiddos. Lucky you that you have some awesome things awaiting your arrival...I am jealous. Will stop by to see you at Karen's. Oh..and I am surely going to check out that app :)

  4. Looking forward to the recipe swap. I've been going crazy looking for healthy (simple) recipes for my family with ingredients I can both pronounce and spell! :o)

    Have a great first day of summer, from one of your newest followers!

  5. I just found you on Karen's guest post! I just love your blog and I'm definitely a new follower!

  6. Daphne, I can't believe how fast time go by. I will def stop by Karen's post and check you out.

    Enjoy the pool!


  7. I am a new follower! I found you over at Karen's. I will be participating on her blog in a few weeks.

  8. Cooking?? What's that?? HA!! Enjoy your pool time!

  9. hope youre having a great summer! :)

    i would die if that pool/scene was my backyard

  10. I am glad you are enjoying your summer.