I'm back! {& a lil favor & PSA}

this may take a while...you may want to fill your coffee mug....
or wine glass
Wow y'all.......this is def. the most silent that I have ever been since I started blogging/tweeting/facebooking! I will tell you, what an honor to put an "extra" valuable time into something other than cyber space. I feel like this week not only gave me the extra time to lift the hurting UP but also brought me a lil closer to Him. Being in a pretty much state of continual prayer {still I was ALWAYS on line} does a body & soul good!! IF YOU LINKED UP for a day of silence, please email me, I have a little something special I'd like to send you- (((HUGS))) and thanks! I see new followers! YAY, Please say Hi & let me know your here, I hope your blogs are linked so I can swing by for a visit!!
A few things among MANY the silence has reminded me:

ALWAYS always AlWaYs!!!

I hope that everyone has been awesome! I will tell ya, I am going to have to hit "MARK ALL READ" on my google reader because it is SCARY. like a Brittney Spears shaved head scary!

Now for my little favor~

For those of you that participate in {semi} wordless wednesday, Recipe Swaps or HTT {when it resumes} ........

I have gotten several messages that a lot of people are linking up and NOT visiting anyone on the linky list. {I then went back and looked through a few & noticed this is true in some cases} It makes me sad cause I try to make everyone happy. We ALL take time {some more than others} thinking of themes/recipes, taking the pics, editing the pics, cooking the food, composing the posts, linking up, visiting others, etc. etc.  Believe me, since I host 3 themes, I KNOW how much time we spend. We all want visitors and comments. I KNOW it's impossible to visit every.single.link.every.single.time I am asking that if you link up, PLEASE VISIT at least THREE others on the linky. DONT SHAKE YOUR HEAD AT ME PLEASE  

So, if you link, I ask beg for you to please VISIT THE 3 blogs above you & leave a comment.{at least 3} You never know, you may find a new daily read! I saw one the other week, it had over 130 links and the host only had like 20 comments. I felt to bad for her! {not only on my blog but all the ones you link to,go see a few, I am sure the hosts/link participates would appreciate it!!}

I hardly (n)ever go back and look at the post to see how many link up. {I don't have that much time usually, I try to read my blogroll AND keep up my family blog also} I usually check the blogs that leave messages to that post via my email notifications. {I click the link in the email to their blogs}. After this was brought to my attention, I started to look at noticed that many were LINKING AND RUNNING. {that may be why I haven't visited you} But you obviously want people to come visit you, therefore please treat others as you wish to be treated. I want this to be fun. I want us all to "know each other" each week when we see  others names. I am starting to feel like the teacher in school everyone hated; please don't send me apples with worms

While I know I can't solve the problems of world, if I can make my weekly meme's a little more worth everyone's time, I have solved a little more than I did yesterday☺There are SO MANY WORDLESS WEDNESDAYS that you can link up to, I am so thankful you choose to link with me, I just want everyone to have a great experience, want to link up weekly and meet new friends.


I was doing it every other Friday as per the polls request for summer. Not as many participating that had voted and tweeted. I KNOW IT'S SUMMER AND WE ARE ALLLLLL BUSY so, I have decided to start fresh this Friday. I will link the SAME post every other Friday. We will all just add to it. Much easier & less time consuming. You can link an old post, who cares, ha! JUST LINK IT TO THE POST, not your blog. {that way if ONE links, no biggie} Come fall, things will be fresh and new!!

I am still working on the list. I have had a few suggestions. If there is anyting that you would like to see featured, please send it to me, post it here, email or tweet it to me. We will start back fresh in the Fall!

It's gonna get a little generic around here. Summer is in full swing in the flip flops & pearls household- we are already going non-stop ☺We have a ton planned and new things popping up allover. Busy Busy Summer. With that said, I will be posting very little. Visiting very little. {if you link up though & I know it, I will come see you, rest assured friends! I will also hit my blog roll on the days I blog} SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER: MY BABIES ARE HOME-THANK YOU JESUS!!

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I will keep up my family blog though as much as possible. Maybe a little maybe a lot. I had a few requests to read it & honestly I had A TON TON of emails that I weeded through rather quickly so if I didn't respond back to your request (as I saved many of the emails to send at the same time) please let me know and I will send you an invite}

Hmmmm.....what else?? Anyone still there?? ☺ Did I loose anyone? Offend anyone? ☹

Here's a look at the next few days...

Wednesday- {semi} wordless wednesday
Friday-Recipe Swap
Monday- BondiBand giveaway

I am going to try to hit my blog roll BRIGHT & EARLY before I head out. I have been missing my blogger buddies! MUAH! xoxo

did anyone watch RHONJ last night?? Was I the only one in tears and feeling bad for Joe & Teresa at the Turkey dinner??  maybe it was all the wine I had, i pretended i was at the table with them I hate to see families not getting along, I want to go help☺....ha, you know me, trying to fix things as always!


  1. My Google Acct is jacked up. Perhaps I'm not the only one? I've tried leaving comments lately and if "anonymous" isn't an option, then I can't comment :(

    Buuuut, glad you're back! I linked up w/ a day of silence

    Kristy @ www.DarnNearDomestic.com

  2. Well welcome back missy!! I'm telling you i've had so much trouble outta blogger lately I almost just said ska-roo it and check out of blog land!!! It wouldn't let me comment to save a life. There were a few posts that it pushed it on through but did me as anonymous! Really? I'm SO not anonymous! But I did download google chrome and it let me comment on a post immediately that i've been trying comment on all night! What's up with that?!?! Anywho- glad you're back and i'm gonna pull out my blogger etiquette and be a little more friendly :)
    And girl I was thinkin' of you tonight during the RHONJ and wanted to tweet but didn't know if you were still on hiatus! That whole family situation is just sad and what's sadder is it's so common in so many families...unfortunately mine too

  3. I am so glad you are back, but glad you took a break, too. Thanks for the friendly reminder about checking other people's blogs when we link up. I am guilty as charged. I usually try to click on everyone's that links up (at least those prior to mine), but lately I haven't had a chance to do so. It is such a great way to find new blogs! Hooray for the kiddos being out of school! I know you will have a wonderful summer. XOXO

  4. I am so glad that you are back! I can't wait to see what fun things you have planned for summer! Yesterday I went Lilly and Tibi summer clothes shopping - we'll just hide that charge card statement lol.


  5. Hey, Daph!

    Just wanted to let you know the "swap" partners are out! Please stop by when you get a second. Thanks!

    Welcome back!

  6. I linked up to you! It was good everytime I wanted to blog to pause and think about something much more important than whatever post I was about to write. Thanks for doing it, its nice to get beyond ourselves for awhile.

  7. I love your blog! but understand that sometimes life can get in the way. Glad to have you back darling :)


  8. I missed you ~ welcome back! During my break from blogging, I found that I spent just a little more time tending to the kids, to the house, to the yard, to me. It felt pretty good, so I am going to dedicate myself to quality over quantity during the summer on my blog. Thank you for hosting the "break". I also kept the tornado victims in my constant prayer...and lo and behold when I thought it couldn't happen in my region, Massachusetts got hit...really crazy!!

    Glad to see you back momma! Enjoy every second with your babies this summer and most important...HAVE FUN!!

  9. Welcome back girlie!! I missed you and I missed blogging myself. Taking some quiet time was good for me too. It is amazing how much more you get done. As we have said before, it is all about balance. And with the summer here, I think the blogging world in general will be much quieter. I know I will be :) Posting some 'rules' for your linky parties is great....showing others some love is the right thing to do!! Will email you later on :)

  10. Glad you're back!! It's sad about linking up…I participate in one with baking and have noticed it, so I stopped doing it, as I was visiting so many, but I could tell it wasnt the same with everyone. BUT…I cant wait until you start home tours again! I have been busy getting my house together recently…especially the last couple weeks before my sisters bridal shower i'm hosting on Sun, so hope to have some good pics when you start up again! As for your fam blog, I'm SO glad you said you cant put it on your blog list…b/c I thought I was going CRAZY trying to figure it out! haha! I'll def add your badge, but for now I just keep your email invite as "not read" so it's bold so I can scroll right down and read!

    Hope you and your fam are having a great day!


  11. My google acct had issues ALL LAST WEEK! It was very frustrating because I could read people's posts, but I couldn't leave a comment :( Luckily it has all been fixed now so everything should be good to go!

    Thank you for hosting the blog hops! I may not always leave people a comment, but I do try to visit a few different blogs (especially when we're talking about FOOD!)

  12. Missed the NJ Housewives last night! Boo!
    The OC finale was a hoot though!

  13. Welcome back Daph! I'm glad you got so much out of your week off, that's wonderful! As for linking, I admit sometimes I'm good, sometimes I'm bad and you're right! Hope you have a great week!

  14. Welcome back! It is always great to take time away. I would love to read your family blog, I bet you have some aahh-mazing things going on this summer! Have a great week!
    xo, kmw

  15. Welcome back!!!
    You are right about the blog hops. Sometimes I am better than others. There were several lately that I wanted to comment on and couldn't.

  16. I missed you and am so glad you're back! Sometimes a week "disconnected" though, can do wonders! I'd love to see your family blog, so if you have the time, please send me an invite! Have a great week!

  17. welcome back Daph!!!! And- enjoy the summer with the kiddos...I would love to see the family blog as well!

    Have a good week. I definitely plan to start participating more in the link ups!

  18. Welcome back, Daph! We've missed your sweet voice here and on Twitter! xoxoxoxoxo

  19. No apples with worms for you! =-) We all love comments!!

    I know I've been away from my blog a lot this year and trying to get back to it. I MISS IT! Just been crazy with one son graduating high school and another getting married, plus my two little girlio's and My Hunk of Burnin' Love and our business.....Ok, I need a nap... LOL

    Have a FAB day!!

  20. Glad to see you back! I've missed your posts! I hope you are having a wonderful summer so far! :)

  21. My crazy google is acting up too. So if this says ANON it's lying! Grr.
    Yes, I watched last night...and yes it was awful!
    Crazy people!
    Glad you're back. I try to read as many links as I can.

  22. I'm glad you're back, but I'm glad you got a much-needed break! I hope you're enjoying your first few days with your kids home!

    P.S. I cried during the RHNJ last night, too! I feel so bad for Teresa!

  23. Glad you're back and excited about being OPI Swap partners!! Yay!! I'll send my address later!

  24. I am with everyone on their goggle accounts. i could read, but could not post. Try to always follow the rule of three reads and comments...often I write, post, link and then say i will come back after chores to read others, I will admit one time I forgot and the day got away from me....will do my best to not have that happen again...I know what it feels like to write,or post and have it ignored.

  25. Well, looks like I'm the only person commenting that hasn't had Blogger/Google account issues. But, mine seems fine. :o)

    Glad you enjoyed your time of silence. I don't know how you keep up with yourself girl. Makes me tired thinking about all that you cram into a day.

    Okay, I'm behind on my Google Reader too, so off I go. Blessings to you!

  26. Do you know that I click through your recipe swap, and even print out receipes. But sometimes I don't leave comments :( And how will someone know I've printed their recipe if I don't? For shame T. For shame. I will be sure to do that moving forward :)

    I'm off to the lake again, and I'm going to miss this Fridays' recipe b/c I'm just trying hard to catch up with everyone and won't have a chance to do any scheduled posts. No internet at the lake. Which may actually be nice :)

    Anyway, THANK YOU for continuing on. Even though we don't always follow through. Sign me up moving forward for Recipe Swaps!

  27. I haven't watched NJ yet! It's on the DVR along with OC & NY. I'm hoping to catch up this week.

  28. you have commented on my blog before and i just wanted to drop a thanks!

    it meant a lot that you read and appreciated what i had to say.

    you're still one of my fav blogs. keep up the fantastic work! love it all.

  29. yay youre back!

    i watched RHONJ last night, but missed the finale of OC sunday night...did you see that??

  30. I have to say I have been way behind on reading and leaving comments the last few weeks but also having a weird blogger thing where it ask me to log in to leave a comment when I am already logged in and then after it just returns to the log in page rather than letting me leave comments which is strange and the reason I haven't left many comments lately as well! Thanks for the reminder to all of us to reach out and encourage each other!

  31. Welcome back. Thank you for all the fun stuff you do and share on your blog. I love the idea on the recipe swap and looking at the links of the three before you. Great idea, and definitely a fun way to see others out there. Can't wait for the next one. Thanks!! :)

  32. Missed you Daphne!! You're so right about linking and running! Thanks for the great reminder.
    So glad your "babies" are home for the summer! We are STILL in school for 2 more days...AHHH, can't wait for them to be done!

  33. Wow! I am really glad I found your blog. It is so inspiring and I love all of these positive words of affirmation. This is just wonderful. I am now following you.


  34. I'm not even sure I've been linking up for Wordless Wednesday....I post the icon in my posts. I'll make sure I get this sorted out tomorrow.

    I'm loving RHNJ this season! Danielle was so boring. Anyway, I still need to watch last night's episode on my DVR. I feel terrible about the whole situation. My family is going through that a bit with my aunts and uncle and my mom. I'm staying out of it, but it's such a shame when siblings don't get along. I pray my siblings and I are always close, and I think we will be, because I will make sure we are! :)

  35. I've missed your blog girl! I forgot ot link up, but I took a week off too! It was amazing!!

    Maybe we can catch up soon!

  36. You're BACK! Oh, how I've missed you and your witty, sweet words. What a wonderful statement to make by not saying a thing... I was praying along with you and still am. I've been super-busy lately and have been a little out of touch too... I need to dive back into blogland and Twitter! XO

  37. Welcome back Daphne! You were certainly missed! Such a great post, I think I drank 2 cups of coffee reading it :) Seriously, so glad you are back, you are a blogging inspiration, I love how you try to make everything right all of the time.

    Summer has been extremely hard for blogging lately, especially with so much going on. I think that has a lot to do with the lack of comments, not to mention, Blogger's issue lately with not allowing comments because of the whole logging in thing. I know I have had a few emails from readers not able to leave comments on my blog for giveaways.

    You know I will be here when you do post!!!! Cheers!


  38. Glad to see you back, I missed all the great quotes you post. My Grandma has that second quote on a sign and I just love it to pieces.

    Happy Tuesday,
    Julie. littlepinkrainboots.blogspot.com

  39. my dear friend. I am sorry it has taken me so long to get to this post and the one you did this morning. Monday was like a super insane day for me and like yourself I don't comment on the days I don't post and since it was my b-day and I had a doc appointment I wasnt able to comment like i normally would. sooo... anyway, lets get to it. I am with you on the linky thing 100%. It is a shame and a waste of our time when people don't go with the rules. It sucks honestly because i know everyone wants the comments, the followers,e tc. You did a great job expressing your feelings as always and I thin your doing a great job handling this blog, your family and your family blog! Kudos to you.

    I am glad you felt closer to HIm after that week of silence. Don't you just love when you can truly sense his presence all around you. He lifts you up and he becomes all that is sufficient for us- even though he is always sufficient for us, sometimes it takes us realizing that not Him showing it. So glad you had a good week last week and your kids are home now! Let the fun begin!

    Oh and come see my giveaway I did for my b-day on monday. A great spread of infused olive oils!