Shopaholics: Things I am lovin' this week!

Happy Tuesday Love Bugs!
I had this post ready to go a few weeks ago but thanks to blogger issues, it wouldn't show up on reader so I am trying again. If you have any of these items, please share your thoughts! I have some new goodies to add that I will blog about next week.

Let's begin, shall we?
I am loving my acrylic wine glass, it's monogrammed y'all!
It will be my pool/beach/boat wine glass.
I bought it locally but I am sure some online preppy shops can hook a sista up☺
DO NOT PUT IT IN THE DISHWASHER! {no one told me this, found out the hard way}

SweatyBands: the worlds best head band....period....hands down.
I have bought every single head band type thing under the sun over the past few years. When I played tennis, I finally resorted to a visor, although glasses & a visor was just "so much"... same with running. I love to wear hats. They help hold back your hair BUT when the temps are high, you keep all that heat inside that hat, which isn't good for you. Obviously, you body temp will rise. Well, this is your answer. They don't slip. Never ONE time have my Sweaty Bands slipped. Great Price for a great product. { I discovered these a while back just never blogged about them but now that it's summer here, I don't run/play tennis without one} I only own 9 ☺ 

Trigger Point Therapy- for those of you with hurting body parts that insist on NOT letting it keep you from running/walking/living! Def. worth the $$, you can not put a price on being pain free. I bought it after my last group run at the run shop after I couldn't run b/c of the pain. AWESOMENESS! I am already on the mend just after 2 weeks. (I have missed a few days & still it's good!)
Trigger Point Performance Therapy's online portal for empowering you to take control of your health and biomechanical well-being.
Learn a systematic approach to addressing your unique muscular dysfunctions. Using our revolutionary Myofascial Compression Techniques (MCT) combined with our patented products that mirror the feeling of a human hand, we will take you through the progressions needed to "Release Your Strength,"" freeing you to move fluidly and efficiently.
Upon joining Therapy-X you will gain immediate access to the education and tools needed to address your specific myofascial concerns. Choose from one of our condition specific, sport specific, or body part specific programs to begin your journey towards healing and optimal performance. New content will be made available to you weekly as your progress in your unique program.
Benefits Include:
  • Injury Prevention
  • Pain Relief
  • Improved Range of Motion
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Increased Strength and Power
  • Improved Circulation
  • Quicker Recovery
  • Neuromuscular Efficiency

Tory Burch Sandals:
Both of these were gifts from my sweet husband for our anniversary! I already had the Emmy in turquoise and just needed silver! I needed a dressier white so I bought the Flora.

this shoe is so comfy!!!
I love love love it!

this one, ehh not so much.
I have a really high arch so the hard bottom isn't too comfy for long periods of time.
still a cute flip flop☺

I got these from the Rue La La sale. I have never owned a pair so didn't know what to expect. I ordered lime green & silver. Very cute, but like the above flip flop, the bottom is hard & bothers me. Also, the staps are kinda scratchy. Anyone know if they soften up?? But for the price, it's all good. I will just wear short periods of time. (or when I'm sitting down, ha)
Sally Hanson Insta-Dry:
WOW is all I can say! I am such a OPI girl but mini-me were at Walgreens and we saw it. (we went in for the nail polish strips {so cool, she got leopard!} anywhoo, we tried a it in the store. OMG....ONE stoke. ONE time. The brush is so wide/thick. You don't have to go over your nails 2 times. It totally dries in 60 sec. or less. I was amazed. We got some. Loving it!

J Crew: 2 thumbs up!
3"in chinos if you have short legs like I do {i'm 4'11} theseshorts are just the right length.cute everyday chino.

for a little dressier short, I love these!! Ofcourse, I can't find a link but bought them in the store. They are so crisp, smooth & classy!

{the pink is gorgeous!}

{you may have seen when I first spoke of it here}

Now, this isn't new new but it's new cause I have finally figured out how to do the "lap" feature. I don't like to read directions so it tends to cause problems. As soon as I recover from injury and start running again, seems like my 2-3rd run, I'm hurt again. So, I'd had some time to ask friends read how it works. I LOVE IT!!!!!! LOVE.... I love the touch screen bezel. I love the lap feature. I constatley tap it when I stop to walk/ start to run/ run as fast as I can. at armadillo speed
You may say it's a little on the larger size! BUT my wrists are so teeny tiny , I still  it!

CEP Compression Sleeves:
I actually never knew runners/athletes wore these things. Just didn't know. I guess people around here are too vain including myself to wear them in public! After my last failed attempt to RUN with my running group, when we arrived bk at the run shop, they suggested the sleeves. THEY WERE TOO BIG! It was an XS. After some research, I discovered CEP, placed an order, praying they would be somewhat smaller or I was gonna try to shrink them!
I have been wearing them around the house & I am amazed how much better my legs are feeling. I had a Dr appt. but have now cancelled b/c I think between these and the TP Thearpy, I can be my own Dr. {my calves & shins were giving my constant pain}
this was after the Run Naked event on the beach....
we were NOT naked....
just our feet:)
While in Birmingham last weekend the MR & I were going to dinner. He thought (he is so smart & sweet!!) that I needed some new shoes to wear. So he took me to Saks, he picked these out and while I wasn't sure that I could walk in them, I smiled and said OK, I LOVE THEM! (I do love them just not sure I can walk in them!)

LOOK AT MY ARCH! My foot doesn't even lay flat on the shoe, lol. I love them. I love how tall I am in them. (I am 4'11) I really don't wear anything higher than a flip flop or tennis shoe. My review.... if you are use to wearing these types shoe, you'll love them. They aren't too uncomfortable and this goes from someone who doesn't wear anything like this.

Well, there ya have it y'all. A few things I am loving w/my reviews!

Don't forget,  tomorrow is {semi} wordless wednesday! Get your pictures ready!


  1. you may be a bit dissappointed in your spaghetti strap / skinny mckims! they did not hold up well to multiple wears in our household. we found that the bed of the shoe (where your foot goes) wore through and they were really not well made.

    hopefully they will work out for you, though, because they're so darn cute!

  2. Fabulous picks miss Daphne. Loving those Tory Burch wedges. So adorable.

  3. Those espadrilles are to die for! I must, must, must find some. What wonderful things to be loving this week. I want one of those wine glasses too ;)

  4. What a fun list! I love the wedges. I have added some of these to my to buy list!!

  5. I need a cute pair of Tory Burch flip flops in my life. They're so cute. I also cannot get over the fact that they make monogrammed acrylic wine glasses. It doesn't get any better than that for summer :)

  6. Love those wine glasses. I'll have to remember those for my Christmas list for my MIL. Also, sweaty bands?! I'm going to have to check that out! I'm a hat girl too but they do get hot.

  7. Ok, first of all-I need me one of those wine glasses! I'm going searching on the internet as we speak :)

    Second of all-I LOVE shoes and tory burch makes some ADORABLE sandals! I only have one pair (which of course my preggo feet can't wear right now!) but I'm hoping to convince my hubby that I need more soon-like maybe those wedges! I'm 5'2 so while I'm taller than you-we aren't talking about a whole lot! I could use that height!

    And three-the lilly flips will soften with time (I have a different style than yours-but same hard issue). I have some and almost gave them away because they were hard, but they may or may not have gotten a little wet in the rain and then they were soft :)

  8. I didn't have great luck with my skinny McKims either, but I do wear them sometimes when I'm not walking much. I haven't worn them that many times and they look much more worn than other sandals I have.

    Loooooove your new wedges! Your legs look absolutely ah-mazing in them. ;)

  9. i love sweaty bands too! and i'm still ridic jealous of you and all of your tory burch...lucky girl :)

  10. OK, for the badrillionth time, I want a man like your hubby! LOVE those wedges…going to have to try them on!

    I just got my mom McKims for her bday this weekend, but the thicker straps, I'll have to see what she says.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!!!


  11. That Sally Henson polish is amazing. I only have it in like 5 colors :)

  12. Cute stuff!! I NEED some of those wine glasses!

  13. Thanks for sharing your list! I love it all! I'm going to need to get a few of these things! I especially can not wait to try the sweaty bands and nail polish!
    Have a great day! :)

  14. I like everything! The regular McKims feel a little better, if you get them with the padding. Mine are very hard and flat. I love the skinny ones though I have never tried them.


  15. What a great post....I love hearing about things other people are loving!! Share the love...LOL! I am a big fan of the Instanta Dri nail polish....great when you want to touch up quick and go!! Especially when you are wearing some cute Tori Burch flip flops :) My favorite has to be the monogrammed wine glass...I may need one of them too!!

  16. Fabulous list there pretty lady! LOVE the wine glasses, so chic! Sweaty Bands - practical and stylish, gotta love that! The TB wedges on you are just so fab, you must feel on top of the world wearing them! :) So sweet of your hubs to suggest them! The Garmin watch is SO big on you - teehee!

    The Skinny McKim's were an OK shoe for me, very flat, but then just the other day they completely came apart just when walking in them at home. Just don't wear them for long period of time...not my fave Lilly purchase of all time but they are cute and for the price on RLL, not as bad as shelling out $88! :)

    Mwah! Oh! and I have a new cell # - I will email it to you so we can text. Love you! xoxo

  17. I'm LOVING what you're loving! I want, want, want those TB wedges now! I own a pair of Revas but aside from that haven't splurged on a pair of TB sandals!

  18. Loving all these goodies. Thanks for sharing. I'm definitely in the mood for some online shopping. One of my favs about the blog world - we share all this great stuff with each other. :)

  19. i agree, J.crew is getting so much better!! hope it continues and the "New Jcrew" will again become the "old jcrew"

    i really, really, really, like the watch NEXT to the garmin ;)

  20. Loving your list, pretty lady! Lilly, all that Tory, and the monogrammed wine glass... all right up my alley!

    And I didn't know you were just 4'11"... you are the most precious little thing!!! XOXO

  21. LOVE this post!!! So much fun!! I have a fun wineglass that I can not wait to break out after baby boy arrives! I told my hubby to be ready to fill it up with some bubbly to celebrate! I am jealous you can wear headbands! :) They do NOT work on me. Seriously. Looks horrendous. But I love the way they look on others! Love TB sandals and I plan on treating myself to a pair, with a heel, after baby arrives! I cant wait to put on a pair of heels again!!! Love BOTH of your watches too! ;)

  22. The J.Crew shorts are the only shorts i wear. Love! Such good quality. And those Tory Burch espadrilles are amazing!!

  23. Great list! I LOVE the monogrammed glass.. so pretty! I also bought the Sally Hansen nail polish-fabulous! I was able to actually paint my fingernails without totally messing them up.. big accomplishment for me! And the Tory Burch wedges- AWESOME! Love those! Now I need to add money to that list, so I can buy everything!

  24. The Tory Burch wedges are amazing...sigh
    I will admire from afar haha I have been doing a lot of that lately!

  25. I have a Garmin 405 too and I love it!!

  26. Ok, so somehow I missed this post yesterday. Must have checked before you had posted it. So much to comment on!

    Sweat bands are a must. I use Bondi Bands and love them. Bryan uses them under his helmet when he mountain bikes. Not familiar with the "Sweaty Bands" brand. I have been eyeing those Emmy sandals, I need them in silver. I had the Spaghetti McKims and they flopped on me too much. The originals with the wider strap are much better. I haven't noticed mine being too hard or scratchy. The J.Crew shorts are some of my faves! I have a few in my dirty clothes pile right now. And...we are TB flip flop twinkies!! My poor leopards are going to be worn out before the summer is over!


  27. Oh, you got Sally Hanson Insta-Dry too! I just picked up one the other day in fuchsia!!! OH, MY WORD...I couldn't believe it applied in one stroke either and dried so fast. I'm totally going back for the lavender colored one and more. giggles...

  28. I love the Sally Hanson nail polish. It is the only kind I will wear.

  29. My girl LOVES her sweaty bands! Oh, and I love the shoes.... love them!