Semi-Wordless Wednesday with "how i met your father"

Hello, lovely friends! I am Little Miss Can't Be Wrong, the blogger behind "how i met your father."  

My blog has been around for about a year now.  I write about my little life in Philadelphia - friends, faith, family, and the men I meet on my quest to find a future (very far in the future!) father to my family.  

Like many of you I was drawn to Daphne's blog because she shares so much about the kind of life I want to live. Loving family, strong in faith, happy in her career, excellent taste in shoes and bags.   While she is missed during her summer blogging hiatus I hope this little post of mine will fill the void for you - and I'd love for you to stop by and visit!

Really, though, what struck me about Daph is the love that pours through in her posts.  This woman we tune in to read on a regular basis lives a life of LOVE - and for that I truly admire her (and think you do, too).  If you are a product of '90s television, like me, there are a few iconic shows that probably stick out in your mind. For me... I can't quite remember the '90s without thinking of Full House. 

Did your Friday night revolve around watching TGIF and these adorable blonde girl - and their hunky Uncle Jesse? Have mercy.... mine did!

Did you dream about living in their gorgeous San Francisco home - where it never seemed to rain, no one ever had laundry to put away, and when things got tough you could visit with one of your "uncles" (swoon, Uncle Jesse) and get a great big hug and suddenly everything was okay?

There was many a day when that amazing house that seemed to expand as their family grew - attic apartment for Uncle Jesse, Aunt Becky, Nicky and Alex? no problemo, dude - seemed like a much better gig than our little house out in Prepadelphia suburbs.

While Stephanie and Michelle were cute I always envied DJ. DJ Tanner had gorgeous hair, a gorgeous boyfriend, was able to convince her dad for her own room, and a lipstick telephone. Color me jealous!

Remember Steve? A.K.A the voice of Disney's Aladdin? Uncle Jesse will always be number one in my heart but Steve played a close second - no matter how dumb he was. 

Anyone else shed a few tears when the series finally ended? I don't think a show has ever united our family quite like Full House did (unless you count Dr.Quinn Medicine Woman, which my dad couldn't stand but also never stayed away for a full episode!).

I can't wait to read your favorite shows - and would love for you to play along with our "Semi-Wordless Wednesday" link up!

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  1. I am a little bit older than you so I remember seeing my little sister watch these shows while I was headed out with a car of teenagers. :))
    I think it is sad the sitcom seems to be a dying art - I can remember so many fun times watching shows like these that were wholesome and funny - rather than reality yuck - which I totally watch though SIGH. :))

  2. I loved Full House! Definitely one of my favs. from way back when.

  3. I'm also a little older, so I was a Happy Days/Laverne and Shirley girl. But my Dear Daughter watches Full House re-runs OVER AND OVER AND OVER again... and that lipstick phone cracks me up! Orangies Attic

  4. I spent many a Friday nights glued to the tv watching Full House. It was by far my favorite show (well, besides Saved by the Bell!) The reruns still never get old and to this day, if I see a rerun on, I will stop and watch, even though I probably have already seen each episode multiple times!

  5. My sister and I ALWAYS watched Full House

  6. That was a great show!!

    Thanks for hosting the link up party today!

  7. The hubbs and I were talking about TGIF the other day and were going through all the shows. My all time favorite show as a kids would have to be hands down...Save by the Bell
    I also was a 90210 lover also.

  8. That was a delightful walk down memory lane. My husband and I are 5 years apart...doesn't seem like much until we talk TV shows during our childhood. I loved Full House, Saved by the Bell and Family Matters. Those were the days!

  9. Oh my gosh, such a HUGE obsession with Full House - I have the first season too! My sister and I used to watch that show religiously and loved every minute of it!!

  10. Hi - Loved John Stamos - still do -

    Also Candace is now married to a Florida Panthers pro hockey player and lives in our area - South Florida!

    Enjoy San Fran!


  11. Steve was the voice of Aladdin?!?! How did I not know that?!

  12. Girl...I had my Semi-Wordless ready before I read it....so I fixed it. I was born in the 70's,l but I really love some blakc and white tv. I am a tv junkie. I could post about this for a month. LOL Thanks and Happy Hump Day!