My apologies- thanks to blogger....

there will be no Recipe Swap today...
I had to "un"post my blogoversary giveway and save as a draft...
{semi} wordless wednesday is on hold also...
I won't post again til I figure out what's up with blogger.
For some reason, I get email confirmation of comments but then nothing is there....
Then on certain days, Blogger decides to make my blog completely private...
I plan to be back on Sept. 2nd...
I hope everything will be back on track then.

Therefore, this seems appropriate for where I am right now...

I hope you all have had a blessed summer and are ready to get yo' blog on!!!


  1. ugh never ending blogger issues

  2. Oh my friend ... what a nightmare Blogger has been ... Sometimes I can't post unless I use Google Chrome ... Hope it all sorts itself out. When Google bought out Blogger earlier in the year is when all these nightmares started -no real solutions, just ways to work around it ..:( ...

    Have missed you in BlogLand...xo HHL

  3. ugh super annoying! blogger has been terrible all summer.
    looking forward to your return!

  4. words to live by.... darn you blogger!

  5. Miss you and can't wait until you're back for good! xo

  6. That could quite possibly be some of the best advice I've ever heard :)

  7. I hope the blogger issues end soon.

  8. Hey Daph....how are you?? I was away on vacation last week, just catching up on some blog reading. Hope you get your blogger issues fixed...technology can really be irksome...LOL! Will email you tomorrow :)

  9. I think turning off the computer and having a margarita seems the best way to deal with this right now! Enjoy!

  10. I am having an issue where blogger has adjusted my template and my name/location is all wonky...not to mention I can't place the codes for anyone's blog in posts anymore and half the blogs I leave I can't comment on! What is UP????

    I did Semi Wordless today in honor of you anyway!

  11. Can't wait for you to be back Daphne!

  12. Sorry to hear you are having so many problems! Have you considered moving to a self-hosted WordPress account? I recently moved and the difference has truly been night and day! Feel free to email me if you'd like to chat!


  13. Sweet Daphne, I think Blogger has gone off the deep end! I can't begin to list off my grievances but who would listen to us?? I have tried numerous times to contact Blogger support (if any such department does exist!) to no avail!
    Sometimes all we can do is sit back and wait! :)
    Hope you have been having a wonderful summer, can't wait till you return to us!!

  14. Hi gorgeous girl! I've missed you over the summer and cannot wait to catch up! (Can you believe it is already September??) Wish I were having a margarita with you! XOXO

  15. Boy oh boy, what's up with Blogger???

    How frustrating.

    I say have that margarita! :)

    Can't wait until you come back!

    Have a great weekend.

  16. hahah, give up and have a margarita! oh, sigh.