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Miscellany Monday @
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it's beena while since i was able to join sweet carissa for
miscellany monday-
if you haven't linked up before & your full of random-
RUN LINK NOW... this is for you!

{1} back on my marathon training track- i was able to go 6 non-stop miles yesterday-
thank God for chiropractors!! {i'm only 3 mths behind on training...4 weeks to go, now worries!}

{2} if you like matte finger nail polish, good news girls-
OPI now makes a matte top coat! now you can turn
any color/brand you wish into matte
{i got mine from sephora}

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{3} as the holidays drew near i am sadden at the things that we no longer do as a family.
cherish the times you can when your children are little because too soon they will not want to go pick out a pumpkin or  for go for hay rides or to the corn maze. where have my babies gone :(

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{4} time issues: as stated last week, in my attempt to not live on my blog like last year, i am changing a few things. please see the post below this one (if you participate in HTT/recipe swap & weigh in please, i will post new schedule at the the end of the week AS well as on my sidebar)
i am going to quality over quantity:)

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{5} did you win?
i have a few unclaimed blogoversary winners that haven't contacted me.
-new winners will be drawn tomorrow-

hope you all have a blessed week & i'll see y'all wednesday for
{semi} wordless wednesday
(i'll try to have link ready tomorrow night)


  1. The nail polish looks gorgeous! I like the idea of buying a matte topcoat- may have to look into this!

  2. fall is my favorite season...i wish i could hold on to that feeling all year round? what is it about those pretty orange pumpkins huh?!

  3. Happy Monday! I am looking forward to running in the Fall Florida weather! FInally it is starting to cool off. Have some 5Ks coming up. I am starting this week to get back in shape.

    I emailed you about the flyers I won! (: SO EXCITED!
    My email is PreppyWifePreppyLife@gmail.com if you haven't gotten my emails you can send me one. (:

  4. This year, I really am going to try to focus on enjoying these holiday activities rather than be annoyed at how exasperating they can be, because it does go by too fast. :(

  5. i would still go to a corn maze! they are so fun :)

  6. 6 miles? You go!

    And what color is that blue nail polish? I LOVE it!

    And I can't tell you how excited I am to go to the pumpkin patch this year! I'll take lots of pictures and enjoy it :) (not so sure my 3 month old will-but I will!)

  7. You're motivating me to get my butt moving! 6 miles! You're awesome! And I love that nail color :) xx

  8. Happy Monday. 6 miles! congrats. Love the nail polish.

  9. Keep running, Daph - you are amazing!!! And with nails like that, you are one sassy mama too! ;)

    I'm so sad I never received your email... not sure where it is floating in cyber-space. Would love to catch up, so try again pretty please! XOXO

  10. I need to check out that matte topcoat. It looks fantastic! Congrats on your 6 mile run, I hope the rest of your training goes well. Have a great week!

  11. Love the random Monday thing....it is a great way to just say what is on your mind. I am so glad to hear you are back on the running track. I was a little worried for a minute....lol. Need to try that matte top coat :-) And am trying to cherish every moment with my little guys because I know it won't be long before I am going pumpkin picking myself...lol.

  12. yay for marathon training!!! i'm doing one in january. can't wait to hear about yours. : )

  13. Fall is my favorite time of year....Happy Monday!