{semi} wordless wednesday


hello lovelies! i hope this finds you all well this beautiful fall day. between being mom, wife, chef, maid, marathon training and many dr appt's with mini-me, i don't know if i am coming or going! we went to the neurologist today for like 4 hrs. waiting for ins to approve an mri now. thanks for all those who had emailed/texted/etc. {right now he says chronic daily migrains OR chronic tension headaches AND anxiety & insomnia} i picked the wrong month to give up wine!!! {training/crunch time...nov 5th can't get here quick enough!}

if you know me, you know i am a fa-reeeek for any & all things monogrammed.
cause i'm cool like that
today, these made their way to my home.......

i'm in la la love!
thanks to monica over at the pink monogram for an awesome product.
the construction is wounderful.
did i say i love them??
i'm gonna be going all charlie sheen crazy til i wear them :)

so my {semi} wordless wednesday has to do with my love for monograms....
here are a few pins from my

{click to play along wtih Michelle cause we all love some Pinterest!}

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have a great week y'all....
if don't see this week slowing down so, i'll see ya
back here next wednesday!

ps: the recipe swap will be hosted monthy so be looking for the calender soon!

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  1. Who knew you could monogram shoes? Amazing!!


  2. beautiful images, as always. thanks for hosting :)

    i am keeping you and the mini-me, and of course the boys, in my prayers. lifting you up, ladyfriend.

  3. i love your monogram board. I feel like i need some new monograms in my life

  4. Oh I am so sorry to hear about the migraines, I hope they get better for her! Good luck with the rest of the week. We have all had those and I'll be thinking of ya!

  5. I'm so sorry about the migraines for your daughter-that's awful :(

    And I love monogramming too-but I think the lampshades have got to be my FAVORITE!

  6. I love a monogram, too!

    And I hope everything is ok... lots of prayers you way!

  7. Hope you start feeling better soon!

  8. Nice kicks! I am d y i n g over the bedside monagrammed lamp...I love anything with the combo of orange and turquoise :)

    As always, thanks for hosting xoxo Traci

  9. Those shoes are way cute. I almost thought they were wooden clogs for a second (which I love, btw) but realized it would be next to impossible to monogram wood. Hmm, that's a thought... Anyway, love.the.shoes!

  10. Swooning over this monogram-overload! This gives me the urge to monogram EVERYTHING I can get my little paws on... tee hee. Happy Wednesday, Daph! XX

  11. Those clogs are def on my wish list! Thanks for another fun week of linking up!

  12. I adore monograms too, your shoes are so cute. I hope things mellow out for you soon. You and yours will be in my prayers. Best wishes.

  13. Look at that theme. Okay next week I am linking up w/ you also! Great pins!

  14. Lusting like you can't believe after those clogs. If I could just pick a color, monogram style, etc.

  15. Cute shoes!! Hope all of the chaos settles down for you soon - bless all of y'all's hearts!! Hugs!!

  16. I'm drooling over all of these monograms! LOVE them!