{semi} wordless wednesday


hey y'all!
happy wednesday -
i hope everyone is having an awesome week!

i am having macbook issues AGAIN and was told to reload all my software....
i tried, wiped it out and it crashed:( miss maggie mac & i are off to the mac doc this AM i am not sure when i will be bk (surely by next wed) it's just horrible blogging on this iPad. i won't be leavin any love today:(

these images just make me go awwweeeeee,
too sweet not to share-
these are all on my "too sweet" pinterest board

i am also linking up with michelle over at the vintage apple -
{happy honeymoon, michelle!}

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  1. You have me saying "awww" to myself in the library! Such cute pictures.

  2. Gosh those pictures are so adorable!!!

  3. Adorable animals. Love the owl and dog.

    I was not wordy today so I linked up. First time linking up to one of these. Typically, I'm wordy.

  4. how ridiculously CUTE! I could never pick out my favorite...but that little piggy face comes awfully close :)

  5. What cute pictures! I hope you are having a wonderful day!


  6. Aww! How cute are those! They made my day! I hope you have a great day!!!

  7. I love the pic of the cat laying on the dog and the monkey feeding the cub! All of them are super cute tho! Sometimes you just need an infusion of cuteness for the day!
    Happy Wednesday!
    Jenn@ Going the Distance

  8. computer problems are the worst. I just bought an iPad this week..didnt seem like blogging on it was going to work well though.

    Hope youre back soon!

  9. Loving your pins this week, they definitely all made me say "aww"! That one with the monkey in denim shorts bottle feeding the lion(?) is just too darn cute.

  10. Just returning from being away to the city of lights ... what a beautiful post !! Hope your mac challenges are resolved soon... xo HHL