{semi} wordless wednesday


good morning my cyber buddies!
i hope that you are all having a great week...
only about 60 hrs til the weekend kicks off (but who's counting??)

as many of you know i am training for a 1/2 marathon.
unfortunately because of my hip issue (running injury stemming from a pronation issue)
put me off the road for about 8 weeks, leaving me 5 to train. that's doable
so, i made a deal with the devil  myself to give up wine until the finish line after the race.
it's a vicious cycle, i'll eat great all day, then drink wine and eat junk at night.
(i must have smoked crack in my sleep to come up with that brilliant idea!) 
anywho- its been 18 days and a few hrs and i could guzzle a bottle about right now!
i drink wine at night like i drink coffee in the mornings....
i will die survive!

so today, i thought i'd torture myself a little more & share some cocktail recipes with y'all!
my only other favorite drink besides wine is a good margarita :)
all of these recipes can be found on my pinterest board titled:

i'm hooking my sww with michelle this week again as you know i am a pinterest addict...
hello, my name is daphne and i am addicted to pinterest :)

agricole guava cooler

blue moon

classic margarita

combier margarita

cotton candy martini

key lime colada

lemon grass margarita

pineapple margarita

pink grapefruit margarita 

rhuby daiquiri 

skinny sangria

candy corn cordial

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ps: recipe swap NEXT FRIDAY!!



  1. They look delicious.. But I don't think I'm allowed to have them!


  2. Cool and colorful cocktails! :) Thanks for popping by over at Pop Art Minis. Have joined your linky fun...and pinterest too!

  3. Oh you've picked the perfect topic to post about! After the week I've been having (and it's only Wednesday) I sure could use a cocktail or two! They all look delish!

    Loving your blog btw :)

    -Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

  4. Cotton Candy Martini, I wonder if it tastes as good as it looks! Great pins lady!


  5. good luck on your half marathon! you're going to rock it!
    Those drinks made my mouth water -- and it's not even 8am yet!

    Trish @ Tales from .... 

  6. Yum! I am not training for a marathon but I do have a small human living inside of me- so I too can't wait until 6 more weeks and i can have my glass of wine too! Heres to both of us!

  7. I just found you from Hilary at Feeling Beachie and I have to say that I don't remember laughing SO darn hard in one morning a very long time!
    And these look delicious~!

  8. Could I have one of each? Please and thank you :)

  9. These look most pleasing to both eyes and taste buds... the skinny sangria, looks so healthy with all the fruit ... oh yes, it still contains some potent yummy stuff but - but lets discount the value of all that fruit ..lol...

    Wishing you a fabulous day! You will be in tip top running shape and will cross that finish line with great pride! Then you can indulge in all the wine or margs you desire. Good for you to really give it your all!! Happy Wednesday my friend!! xo XO blessings and sending little prayers to the Running Angels to give you a little helping hand..xo HHL

  10. You gave up wine??? LOL! Now I really know how much you love running :) Great drink options!

  11. Oh how I miss a good Blue Moon martini. Good luck w/ the "wine fast." I'll drink some chardonnay in your honor!

  12. All these drinks look amazing! Love all the colors. We featured the cotton candy martini on our blog too - just a heads up, stick to solid color cotton candy b/c the multi colored kind turns green!

  13. These are my kind of drinks...the margaritas, the key lime colada and sangria. Yum!

    Thanks for sharing and hosting...


  14. These look delicious! I made the mistake of having my birthday party just 2 nights before running the Disney Princess 1/2... Let's just say I'll be a lot more careful before running my halves this year! lol I still finished but it was not pleasant at times!

  15. Good luck with no wine! These drinks look amazing!!

  16. oh my world, girlfriend. every single one of those looks amazing.
    i agree margaritas are a must have. salt, lime, tequilla perfect combination in my book.
    i want that grapefruit one. in that cute little glass and everything. snap, now i want a margarita i haven't had one since saturday. ahh i need a fix.

  17. Oh fun cocktails!! They look so pretty!

  18. Hey, friend! Girl...you have a serious Pinterest problem. LOL! I just clicked over to see how many boards you have...WOW! I'll link up later. Right now, I've only got Wordless and Pictureless Wednesday at my blog!

  19. Thanks for linking up with me earlier... Sorry I didn't leave a comment when I linked back. I was actually on the eliptical machine, and these drinks had me drooling too much to type! They all look delicious!

  20. let me just tell you, I could use a drink right about now!

  21. Aaaah good luck with no wine! That would be HARD!! I love the looks of the key lime colada and the pink grapefruit margarita.... I'll have to try those two!!

  22. Those drinks sound awesome. I'd love to try the Cotton Candy Martini. Although, I am more of a margarita kinda girl.

  23. That cotton candy one is gorgeous and the candy corn would be perfect for a Halloween party. I think my fave would be the pink grapefruit margarita, though. ;)

    So happy to link up for another fab SWW! xoxo

  24. I believe I need a cocktail....yum

  25. No wine? I am in SHOCK!!! :) Hope you get through it soon!

  26. I'm licking my lips--a good margarita is one of my favorite things! I'd love to try the pineapple!

    Good luck with the training--runners like you inspire me!!

  27. Bartender I will take one of each. ha!

  28. Those drinks all look amazing! I wish I could have a few of those tonight. :)

  29. I'm thirsty now!! That candy corn cocktail is SOO cute :)

    Coley @

  30. I'll take them all thanks! haha! I've seen some great drink recipes on Pinterest recently! Love them!

  31. The cotton candy martini is so pretty. Cheers to you doll, I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  32. Hi, I'm Nicole from Romanian Princess. I love your blog, and I'm your newest follower, please stop by my blog and if you like it, PLEASE follow me back!


    XoXo Nicole Mariana

  33. So, I meant to link up and then I got stuck in a fashion meeting all day long and completely missed Wednesday... and Thursday. Just wanted to say hello and send you hugs!

  34. So now I really wish I could have a drink (or 10) at lunch!