{semi} wordless wednesday


happy wednesday y'all! can you believe that thanksgiving is next week?? i am wondering where in the world 2011 went! our travel plans have changed so we will be in town next week & {s} ww will be on like donkey kong:)

thanks for all your wishes, thoughts & prayers for the savannah 1/2 marathon. we stayed at a house on th beach on tybee island. it was 15 of us girls.....4 days....9 hr drive....ran 13.1 miles = good times & great memories!

my hip decided it didn't want to be my friend on mile 10. so, i ran / walked the last 3. I walked through all the water stops and had to hit the porta potty...that took about 4.5 min. off my time as i HAD TO WAIT IN LINE!!

 isn't it funny when you see the finish line, you start to cry?? haha....i was very emotional as i was in pain and my best friend wasn't there with the camera, smiling from ear to ear, cheering me on. it's all good though. he will be in new orleans @ the rock n' roll when we run again in march....rock on y'all!

next stop:

and then:

on to what you're here fo'!

our house:
i could definately see staying in this place for a summer... when i hit the lotto
it was gorgeous!!

s & i took our turns driving first...
so, you know what that meant!!
i had been 5 weeks without wine!!
i've been making up for those weeks ever since

told ya...

just do it!

this is as close i am getting to a needle....

5:15AM...waiting on tybee island for the shuttle...
we gave the term "white trash" a whole new meaning!!

if you got close enough, you didn't know you couldn't feel your toes or ears!

waiting on the "never arriving shuttle" at the butt crack of freezing dawn....
he was only like 30 min late-
no biggie....

my lululemon skirt made for good conversation...
i think the "catholic school girl uniform" won out!


haha.....see the sad/excited/sad/thrilled eyes??
oh and the outfit i blogged about the week prior didn't happen thanks to the COLD temps in savannah-
those sleeves on my arms just about cut off my circulation!

this needs no explanation!! 



trying to stay warm...

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  1. You are amazing! Congratulations on doing so well.

    Love that house!!!

    Thanks for having me-have a great week.

    Best wishes,

  2. Congrats girl on finishing your half-marathon!! Such an awesome accomplishment!

  3. YAY!!! WAY TO GO GIRL!!! It's all going to be much easier with each race!! Looks like a fabulous group fun gals!! Now rest up and give your ankle, knees and hip a chance to rest. Have a few glasses of wine... and than after the holidays ... you can kick butt again!!

    Blessings, XO HHL

  4. YAY!!!! Gooo Daph!! I just love you! You are sooo inspiring! Why is your shirt blurred out?! Were you running with something vulgar on your shirt?! LOL

    So proud of you!!

  5. Congrats! I'm following and thanks for hosting such a fun party!


  6. Looks like an amazing time! I'd love to go there for the winter! LOL You look adorable!


  7. Wow girl you are a truely inspiration! Congrats on your half marathon! You deserve the wine for all of that, I agree the house looks amazing! Have a wonderful week!

  8. Looks like a great time. Again congrats on your race and for making marathons fashionable :) That house is Gorgeous!!

  9. So proud & happy for you Daphne for fighting through the pain and finishing. You earned your 13.1 girl! SO glad you had a great time with your best girl friends - there's nothing like the support of your running buddies on race day. Congratulations & I love that Lululemon skirt, haha! Awesome :)

  10. loved your race recap, daph - congrats to you!!i'm running my first half on sunday! eeeks:) hope the hip isn't still bothering you now..

  11. Congrats!!! I can't even imagine running that much, thought you're inspiring me to get off my butt & get active again!

  12. I love the hat!! Congratulations to you and I'm thrilled you had such a great time...xoxo Traci

  13. I am sorry your hip started bothering you during the race. So glad you had fun and the house looks amazing.

  14. ok the hat is FABULOUS! love it! congrats on the race :)

  15. I am so, so happy and proud of you Daph!! You set your mind to do something, regardless of the pain and mild setbacks, and you did it!! Go, girl! It looks like you created memories that you will have for a lifetime!!

  16. SOSOSOSOSO impressed - that is a major accomplishment, and it actually looked like real fun, too!!!

  17. You are so amazing and such an inspiration. Congratulations on such a brilliant achievement! xo

  18. Congrats.....this is so awesome!

  19. that house does look awesome...i wouldnt mind spending a summer there either.

    The though of doing a marathon is crazy to me...I run for half an hour on the treadmill and now i have a stress fracture most likely. :(

  20. Congratulations! I ran my first 5K & did good but I'd hurt my hip before that & the 5K made it worse. I haven't been able to run since. My friend the Athletic Trainer says I have a strained hip flexor. UGH!

  21. Congratulations!! So proud of you.

    This Friday...let me see what I have for you.


  22. Daph, only YOU can look that good in a garbage bag. Hahaha. What a fun trip with your girlfriends. That house is absolutely gorgeous--I'd love to stay there as well. Congratulations on your race, and I hope the next two go even better (especially minus any hip issues). ;)

  23. Congratulations on finishing your race! Your hat is too cute!

    Thanks for hosting! Been a LONG time since I've linked up!

  24. So proud of you for finishing your 1/2!! Glad I can finally leave a comment. I'm with you on the tats, too. No thank you! Happy Wednesday, friend!

  25. Well done finishing! Hope your body has healed and recovered. It looks SUCH fun with all your girlfriends.

  26. Congrats! Looks like a lot of fun was had, and even through adversity, you never gave up!! :)