Scarlet Threads Giveaway & Discount

I was so beyond thrilled when I was contacted to host this giveaway 
and share about this awesome company!

Let me introduce to you
We became friends via Twitter 
(yes I still have the account and yes I am a slacker) 
and quickly became friends tweeting about this/that/recipes/etc.
I never really knew much about Scarlet Threads, other than I loved their aprons, until recently.

Let me fill you in a little more....
Let me touch your heart...
{info below taken from their website/blog}

The First Threads

      Like any piece of cloth, many threads came together to form Scarlet Threads.  For two years, we've made our home in a poor Chinese village.  We've spent a lot of time trying to reconcile the world we see around us with the one we know at home in the USA.  
      Here, we've watched families separated for months so that they can try to earn more money to pay back a loan they borrowed to pay for stitches to sew up a bad cut.  We've heard stories of families in our village who couldn't afford the medical care their children needed, and their children died.  Families who go without meals so that they can save money for their child to attend the village school.  In a heart-breaking succession, the stories go on.
      When we moved to China in 2007, we came to work with special needs' orphans.  As we grew more involved in that work, we began to understand that in many cases, children become orphans due to poverty.  As we learned more and talked to people, we began to understand that so many of the social problems we saw were fundamentally rooted in poverty.  We believe that with knowledge comes responsibility, and we began to explore ways that we could help.  
      Before we moved to China, we learned about Fair Trade, a growing global economic movement that uses trading partnerships to alleviate poverty.  Quite simply, in traditional trade models, the artisan responsible for crafting the vase on your desk might have worked in a sweat-shop and been paid a few pennies for their work.  In Fair Trade, artisans are paid fair wages and provided safe working environments.  It's a revolutionary model that results in transformed communities and lives, and we've been looking for ways to launch a small-scale Fair Trade project to benefit our community.
      In the summer of 2009, we met our first seamstress.  After doing a few small projects for us, we grew more and more impressed with her skill and attention to detail.  We learned that she wanted to do more work to help support her family, and our idea for Scarlet Threads was born.  With the help of others on our team, we now have our first collection of products, and the Scarlet Threads Boutique is now a reality.  

Now.....how awesome is that???
 Pretty awesome if ya ask me & if ya didn't well, you're in my house {blog} so I am tellin' ya! :)

On top of a givaway, they are graciously offering a discount.
 use code: flipflops&pearls to recieve 35% off your order!!
{exp. 12/25/12}

{the Daphne apron}
When serving your guests a cup of morning Joe, the day will seem a little bit brighter if you have this vibrant half apron tied around your waist.  Red and blue, it has unexpected pops of orange, green, and salmon on the funky retro print.  The bright blue "flower" pocket is an unexpected surprise.  Hand-sewn by a woman in our village who uses the money she earns to educate her son, the blue pocket with a red button center provides a punch of color and a fun, yet functional, purpose.

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Something else a little sweet:)

Easy Lemon Cake

(click to print recipe here)

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See y'all next week.....prayers for a blessed weekend filled with friends & family-


  1. I love the Sadie tote in red.

    That cake looks amazing!

  2. What a great way to help these people help themselves!!! Popped over to order the Daphne, but the flipflopsandpearls code is not working... :(

    xo HHL

  3. I love the Mattie May reversible apron!

    Felicity - pursuitoffelicity@gmail.com

  4. ACK- blogger is totally stupdid....
    the entire post wont load and you will need to hit READ MORE, right above the share buttons to get the entry form for the giveaway.

    Also the code is "flipflops&pearls" NOT "flipflopsandpearls"-

    Thanks for swinging by - xo

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog love! I will head on over to check out these aprons! I am in need of one! How good does that lemon cake look?!! Delish!!!

  6. I love the Daphne apron

  7. That lemon cake is so pretty! I definitely need to make it! Hope you are having a fabulous day gorgeous! xo

  8. I love the Christmas Tree skirts and the purses!

  9. I so want the Noelle Tree Skirt! Maybe for next year :)

  10. Oooh, that Mattie May apron is gorgeous!! Love it!

  11. This is Eileen from Scarlet Threads and now both "flipflopsandpearls" and "flipflops&pearls" work in our shop for 35% off! Thanks for all the Support!

  12. The Daphne apron is just adorable!