{semi} wordless wednesday


hello my sweet bloggy friends! i hope this finds you all well.
things are great on the flip flops & pearls homefront. 
i have to say that my little mister got an A & a B in his first 2 collage classes!!
(he is still a senior AND taking these calsses!)

thanks for all your well wishes for our shopping trip.
i am sad to say that we didn't get the flip flop family finished!
little mister wants stuff for his new car & mini me wants everything online! 
BUT....the mister got me 2 things that are gift wrapped BOOO from saks YAYY!!!
i did have fun at the lululemon store...
check this out:
oh my lawd...
the shirt is reversable....
the shorts are aweome...
the pants have ruffles!
h e a v e n

i started my NOLA traning yesterday, so ofcourse,
my pins/post today reflect running and all the glory PAIN  that's invloved!! 

these are all from my 
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is anyone out there running new orleans rock n' roll marathon?
what about the nashville?
if so, let me know!!

well, y'all know the drill!

i have a giveaway NEXT thursday.
you don't want to miss this-
the story of the co. is awesome!!
i'll tell you that the products name is "daphne!"
see, told ya you don't want to miss it!
details will be posted monday as it's a recipe swap as well.
(it was postoned from yesterday)



  1. I LOVE the "KK" sign and the "2.62" sign!!! Merry Christmas Missy!

  2. oh my gosh…I LOVE the pintrest one about pinning about running then cake…hahahah! How was your early morning run? You're an inspiration!

  3. I LOVE lululemon! But I wish it was cheaper!
    And those signs are awesome =]

  4. Hey Daphne...congrats to B for getting awesome grades!! I am sure you are a proud momma :) Glad you are back from your little trip and getting into the groove for your next marathon. Love the pic with the girl holding the Kim K. sign...lol!

  5. Congratulations to your son, that's awesome! You must be very proud :) That first sign is too funny.

  6. Congrats on all of your good news!! The Kardashian sign is the BEST! Have a Wonderful day xoxo Traci

  7. Ok the Kim Kardashian quote is HILARIOUS!

    And if I ran marathons the "I thought it was 2.62 miles" sign would be mine!

    Have a great day :)

  8. Way to go with all the running. The outfit is to cute. Have you thought of doing the St. Jude in Memphis?

  9. I love all of your inspiration and running related pins! I am so guilty of pinning dessert and unhealthy recipes while also pinning motivational ones, ha! Happy Wednesday!

  10. sounds like little mister and mini me are grwoing up! Congrats on the fabulous scores, lm!!

    These are awesome quotes; can also be applied to life's little detours. Wishing you a fabulous day!! xo HHL

  11. I wish I was running those marathons- I got to get back in shape! LOL! i love the sign about training longer than Kim K. was married! too funny

  12. haha love the Kim K sign!!

  13. The Kim Kardashian sign is hilarious!

  14. These are great motivators! I'm running my first 5K next week, so I'll have to remember some of these quotes while I'm running!

  15. what AP classes is your son taking?? Im all too familiar with them haha.

    Love lululemon....you can send me the long men's running tights if you need to get some extra gifts ;)

  16. I always say I want to get back to running, but then I say I'm too cold. Love the inspiration!

  17. Wanted to say hi. Good luck with your training.

  18. Love the Kim K sign.

    your newest follower