marathon monday {injury prevention}

happy monday, y'all!
i have to share this video that may/can/will help you to prevent injuries
(well, 5 now)

i thought i had a shin splint but after 3 weeks of doing every.single.freakin.thing.
i could to make it better, it got REALLLLY bad.
i went to the ortho, an xray concluded that i had stress reation :(
{the preceding stage to a stress fratcure}

i missed a 1/2 marathon today and will get to start back running 9 (read, NINE) days before the NOLA rock n' roll half....... lawdy mercy......

you can never be too safe my friends,
watch this video,
it just may keep you pain free!

listen to your body-
run through the agony but not the pain!

happy running,

"how to avoid 5 common running injuries"

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see ya wednesday for {semi} wordless wednesday
and don't forget,
friday is recipe swap!!


  1. UGH! I hope you're feeling better soon. I'm still not running regularly after my "deep hip flexor strain". I'm hoping to get back into a routine soon.

  2. ugh I had a stress fracture november-december....the worst!!

  3. Goodness, you have really battled through injuries lately. I'm so sorry about your stress reaction and hope you recover fully. Luckily I've been injury free since pulling a hamstring last Fall. But thanks for the video - bookmarking it now! Have a great week, Lady & take good care of yourself :)

  4. OUCH!!! I know it really sucks and Nola is around the corner,, but please take good care of yourself. my friend I hope you rest up. Sending you warm hugs and wishing you a bless filled week... xo HHL

  5. Thanks for sharing that tip! I am training right now for a half and i had a scare the other day and have been in a lot of pain! I even took a few days to try and heal so it wouldn't get worse, but i know that there are things i need to be doing to avoid injury! I am sorry to hear that you are hurt and i hope you can get back to running soon with no injuries!

  6. Get well soon. Sorry about that.

  7. Feel better soon. Thanks for sharing the video, I'm not the most graceful of runners so hopefully these exercises will keep me from injuring myself :)

  8. Hope you have a speedy recovery!!

  9. Oh goodness, I am so so sorry to hear about your injury! My leg is hurting again too and it's miserable not being able to run! Rest up!