let's eat, y'all!! {recipe swap}

happy friday my friends!
as you read this,
i am on my way to nashville for the st.jude country music marathon!!
i can't wait to arrive.
i am running as a st. jude hero and i am so proud 
that i am about to burst!

thanks for joining leigh from the hines-sight blog and i today!
please link your recipes, both new and/or old.
it doesnt have to be a recent post and it can be more than one.
the more the merrier!
ps: i WILL visit all the links upon my arrival next week-


my recipe today is for 
"lawd have mercy" shrimp appetizer
i call it this cause that's what i said the very first time i tried it...
i had no other words other have yumm..oh my....yummmm..give me some more:)

you take 1 cup olivo butter (something good and natural)
as much garlic as you can handle, minced
1 lb sautéed shrimp

bring the oil and garlic to a boil...
turn to simmer..
add the shrimp...
simmer for about 30 min....
break some bread, dip up a shrimp & butta and ENJOY!!!

if you link:

add your recipe{s}, please say hey & also be sure to visit others who have 
linked to show them some love!!



  1. We must have had shrimp on the mind. Good luck with your race.

  2. Good luck, friend! I know you'll do great. Glad I got to link up at least once this week.

  3. Good luck at the marathon! The shrimp look awesome!

  4. This looks SO yummy! I am printing this off. It looks like the Shrimp in a Bucket from Bubba Gumps!

  5. Your dish is screaming Summer to me! Can't wait to make it, sit by the pool with some cocktails...

    Good luck this weekend xoxo

  6. AHHHHH I cant believe your running the marathon! Im doing the half marathon!! Maybe Ill see you out there! Good luck.

  7. Shrimp was definalty on the minds of some of us, huh? Your's looks so delish! Good luck this weekend.

  8. Oh my goodness that looks so scrumptious. The perfect appetizer in my opinion. I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  9. oh my I totally spaced and forgot this month. I hope the race went well.

  10. This looks so yummy Daphne!! We may just have to try this out in a few weeks when we head to the beach :)

    Also, wanted to let you know I've moved my blog from Confessions of a Magnolia Mom to The View From 510. I hope you'll update our URL and continue to follow along! www.theviewfromfiveten.com

    Hope the weekend was good to you!