marathon monday {for beginner runners, too!}

is back!!!
considering i haven't done a marathon monday since before my last half 6 weeks ago 
and my next one is less than 2 weeks away,
i'd say it's time!!

if you have been following me you know that i have been injured
{ongoing for over a year}
and it's always 2 steps forward, 3 steps back.

one issue i have had lately is my breathing.
i can't seem to catch my breath,
then i start to like hyperventilate {or something}
it comes from holding my breath :)
THEN i vomit.....
so sexy, right??

i thought todays post would be good for those thinking about starting to run and those who run
who, like me, have issues with their breath/breathing/lungs

me today.....trying to breath and not vomit!!!!
first day back since the new orleans rock n' roll 6 weeks ago...

-how to start running-

The Routine: Running for Beginners

Running can strengthen your cardiovascular system, increase bone density, and clear your mind. But to avoid injury or burnout, begin slowly, says John Honerkamp, the head of training for the New York Road Runners club, in New York City, who designed this walk-run regimen. Before starting, get properly fitted for supportive shoes at a running store and grab a stopwatch to track your time. Then do this routine, outside or on a treadmill, twice a week to build endurance. (Don’t worry about how fast you go.) Gradually reduce the time of each walk break until you can comfortably run for 15 minutes straight.

Do for: 1 Minute

30-Second Run + 30-Second Walk

For this first minute, focus on form. Roll your shoulders back and down, drawing them away from your ears. Swing your arms in an even front-to-back motion, and keep your head up and your hands relaxed.

Do for: 2 Minutes

1-Minute Run + 1-Minute Walk

{this is for us that can't seem to breath correctly.....i never do this but will start tomorrow!}

To find your rhythm, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. It may help to count silently while you breathe—in for two counts and out for two, for example. Be sure to maintain a steady pace.

Do for: 3 Minutes

1½-Minute Run + 1½-Minute Walk

Stay motivated by loading some inspirational music onto your iPod—whatever moves you, whether it’s Adele or the Biebs. (You can find premade playlists, based on artist, genre, or pace, at JogTunes.com.)

Do for: 4 Minutes

2-Minute Run + 2-Minute Walk

This is your longest run interval—set mental mini-goals to get through it. If you’re outdoors, focus on reaching a point in the distance. On a treadmill? Count 10 seconds at a time. Small wins keep you going, says Honerkamp.

Do for: 3 Minutes

1½-Minute Run + 1½-Minute Walk

You’re in the home stretch, so challenge yourself to pick up the pace slightly (while still leaving yourself enough lung capacity to sing out loud). At the same time, take longer strides to push yourself.

Do for: 2 Minutes

1-Minute Run + 1-Minute Walk

Keep up the quick pace for the run, then slow to a walk. Turn your head from side to side and roll your shoulders a few times to loosen your upper body, then stop and stretch your hamstrings, quads, and calves.

no pain, no gain.....right?

good luck to all those that are just starting out.
you can never learn/read too much!
i started running in 2001 and look at me now,
i am just learning how to breath! lol
seriously, this issue just started, not sure whats up with holding me breath.

i will be in nashville at the end of the month for the st.jude country music marathon,
anyone else running it??

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anyone have any tips for breathing??
if so, i'd love for you to share it with me {us}!!

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  1. Good luck to you! I have a bunch of friends running in Nashville. It sounds like a great (but crowded!) race. I plan to start training for my first half once my girls are both in school this fall.

  2. So glad to know that I am not he only one that has trouble with breathing when running. I've been running for over 2 years and still can't get my breathing pattern right! A work in progress!! : ) Good luck to you.

  3. I have the same problem when it comes to breathing... sometimes I am good, but then other times feel like I just can't get it down!
    Thanks so much for posting this! I am training for my first 5k on May 12, and while I have been slacking lately, I am happy to just be able to say I am finally running!

    Have a great night!

  4. Great post! I have asthma and used to run cross country in high school. During the winter months it's especially hard. This post is wonderful for beginners!

  5. Okay, so Friday I signed up for the Rock N Roll Run in VA Beach....I have NEVER done anything longer than a 5K!! :) Its not until Sept. so I figure that will give me plenty of time to train.....Any tips?? I know I can do this, just never had the guts to actually sign up for it! Your post couldn't have come at a better time, thanks for posting!! :):)


  6. Looking good my friend!!! Your passion and dedication to running is most inspiring!! Since the collapse of my lungs, and ruptured diaphragm (from accident) breathing continues to be a huge challenge ... meditation is helping a bit to learn to breathe. Good luck in the marathon, you will do great!!! miss you girl! Hugs, C. (HHL)

  7. I know it's been a trying year for you, but you are such an inspiration! Keep up the good work and my fingers are crossed for good health & vibes for you!

  8. I'm dragging myself back out there. I loved going early in the morning, but lately I'm having trouble wanting to get up and go. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Great post, friend! I'm glad you did a Monday Marathon post again. I've really been working on breathing lately, too. Drove two hours yesterday to go to the running store b/c their website said they were open only to find them closed! Super frustrating, but now I'm planning on going next week. Always something, right? XO
    ps. I did semi-wordless Wed. last week without you. ;)

  10. Good luck with your running! It's so hard to get back into it after a break. I want to start running again but I keep putting it off. No more excuses!

  11. I love this! I have been stuck in such a rut with my running I feel like I should just start my training over from scratch. This was such great motivation!

  12. I'm trying to get into running (I've always hated it)...I will definitely have to try out this training program!

  13. Loving that I found your blog. I did a half marathon a couple years ago and it was one of the best things I have ever done! I have been wanting to do another one and your blog was just the boost I needed to get back into running!

  14. I have the same issue when I run!! I can't catch my breath! but thanks to the lovely cut on my foot as you saw, running is going to be out of my cards for a while :-(

  15. Are you running Nashville? So am I! :) I need to work on my breathing big time, especially for the hills!

  16. Thanks for the tips. I don't run too often due to the breathing issues too. I find that a very slow pace is what keeps for going. However, you are way ahead of me. I like the 5Ks. My dream is to do a half marathon someday. Good luck! Nashville sounds like it will be so much fun!! Stacie xo