marathon monday

ahem..... i'll begin this post with a quick little tip:


i took off my cute tory burch wedges & replaced with flip flops after all the photos:) i was so careful going up and down the stairs....made it 2am til the last, THE VERY LAST STEP off the party bus when it dropped us bk off and rolled me ankle!! seriously?? seriously!!

not sure what's going to become of this. i pray nothing. it's sore. a little swollen. nothing like last fall when i rolled it and was out for a few months but still....what freakin luck!! whatever.....nashville, here i come!

the beginning stages of turning into a smurf ....
ya only live once, right??

the week building up to my my races, i carb up. (don't ya see the beer above??) so, i thought i'd share 5 best carbs for athletes, courtesy of an email this past week from active.com. if you don't read their articles, you should. they have emails with some good info!

Here is a list of minimally or unprocessed foods that you are able to find in the perimeter of your local grocery store:

1. Sweet Potatoes

The bright orange color of these root vegetables is a visual cue that they are an abundant source of the high-powered antioxidant, vitamin A. They also are a great source of potassium to help soothe sore muscles and maintain the right amount of fluids in the body. One cup provides 27g of carbs, 4g of which are fiber.

2. Oats

This breakfast staple has been promoted as a “heart-healthy” food due to its high soluble fiber and low saturated fat content, both of which have been shown to reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol and total cholesterol levels.

Besides keeping your ticker kicking, the magnesium found in oats helps to maintain nerve and muscle function and is involved in over 300 metabolic reactions in the body. One 1/2 cup of dry oats provides 27g of carbs.

3. Wild Rice

Going a little wild on your rice gives you an edge over the commonly hyped brown rice. Wild rice has the added bang for your calorie buck by providing 6g of protein and double the amount of fiber (3g) for 35 less calories than brown rice per 1 cup serving.

4. Banana

This finger-shaped fruit is widely recognized as a source of potassium. While this is true, bananas are also a source of vitamin C and support your immune system. They also contain prebiotics and help maintain healthy bacteria in your gut. Prebiotics help improve the absorption of other nutrients (i.e. calcium) for added bone health benefits.

5. Chickpeas

The legume that is used to make hummus is often forgotten as a quality source of carbohydrates. Chickpeas not only provide a generous 22g of carbs in one ½ cup, but also a whopping 6g of fiber and 7g of protein. Fiber helps to keep you feeling full, maintains steady blood sugar levels, and may reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. (HELLO HUMMAS!)
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  1. Take it easy on your ankle this week! I bet you will be fine. Can't wait to hear how it goes! My little phrase I live by in races, "I am a completer, not a competer". I don't need to be one of the first to prove to myself I can do it :)

    1. Thanks so much and I LOVE IT!!!! I gotta share this with my runner friends!

  2. good luck im sure youll still do great!

  3. I hope your ankle is ok!!

  4. LOL... cute photo! Take it really easy this week ...prop up the ankle and hopefully you will be OK ... no matter what, remember it's giving it a shot that matters!!! xo HHL

  5. Sounds like a fun night (minus rolling your ankle of course.) I hope your okay and can run your marathon :)

  6. I love the blue teeth. I glad you had fun

  7. LOL..I love the blue teeth :-) Hey, I give you credit for even lasting in your cute Tory Burch wedges until 2am!!