marathon monday {strength & flexibility}

happy monday girlies!
i hope that everyone had a great mother's day weekend.
we arrived back to town late last night.
we had a FAB time in florida.
so thankful for the time with my family:)

we ate ate and ate some more.
shopped, shopped and shopped some more.
we rented bikes and rode all through watercolor and seaside.
ahem. i hated to pack and leave!!

thanks for joining me today for another marathon monday.
i'm amazed at how much having a little flexibility can help with your runs.
while i still have a long way to go, i can see how far i've come.

Combining two exercises--plank pose and downward-facing dog--develops the core and stretches the hamstrings and calves.
Start in a push-up position. Place hands beneath your shoulders, fingers spread, elbows facing out. Shoulders, hips, and heels should be in a straight line. Hold for three deep breaths.
Shift to downward-facing dog. As you exhale, push into your hands, lift your hips so your tailbone points up, and press your heels toward the ground. If your legs are tight, bend your knees. Relax your neck and shoulders. Take three breaths.
Inhale, and move back to the plank position. Flow back and forth between the poses, holding them longer to increase intensity.

Variations on These Poses

You can modify the plank to downward-facing-dog flow to make it easier by doing the plank position on your knees.

To intensify your work, move to plank on your forearms, with your elbows beneath your shoulders and your palms touching. This arrowhead plank brings the work closer to the center of the body and can be surprisingly hard. To ratchet up the intensity even more, try lifting one foot at a time. Once that is manageable, reach one arm at a time forward while holding your body steady—and while breathing.

Dolphin pose, a forearm version of downward-facing dog, complements this arrowhead plank. On an exhalation, push into your forearms and lift your hips with your knees at least slightly bent. A tight upper body will make this pose feel more constricted than downward-facing dog, and the stretch for the legs may also be stronger, so move very carefully and don't force your body into the pose.

You can flow back and forth from arrowhead plank to dolphin, just as you would from plank to downward-facing dog.

so....do you have any favorite stretches that you feel are effective?
please share!!

happy monday and i hope you will come link up some pictures for
{semi} wordless wednesday-


  1. Did that stretch this morning at my bootcamp-style class! I'm still working on getting my heels all the way to the ground!

    1. It feels SO good! I also did it today at my class and it's funny as some days the heels touch....today it wasn't happening too easy :) I think the shorter my stance/stride/pose the easier it is!

  2. I don't stretch as much as I probably should but guess what.....I wanted to share the news....so this past Friday I had off work, so I thought I would go for a run, a 7 mile run, but it was sooo nice out I decided to push myself and I completed 13.5 miles, I can't believe I actually proved to myself that I could do something like that! :) Don't have too many people to share it with, so yay! :) I am sharing with you, hehe :):)