marathon monday

happy monday my friends!
i hope that everyone had a blessed weekend:)

since i am back from the half mary in nashville, i decided that i am going to take it easy over the summer.
i am finally pain free. wow, forgot what that felt like about 13 months ago.
no hip, ankle or knee issues. 
praise God!

so, therefore, i am going to run 3-5miles at a time.
nothing major, crazy or strenuous.
{probably up the anti in aug for my next half in sept.}

i want to focus on a better 5k.
all the 5ks i run are always so flippin hilly.
i just want to make one in under 30 min. 
i have been close but not under.
{i am not fast by any stretch of the imagination} 

here's a little plan that i calculated, 
you can click this link if you'd like to adjust the time.

ha...yeah...if that isn't scary & motivating, nothing is!!!

here is my plan for a 30 min 5k
                                                                         (3.1 miles)


  1. This is so helpful! I've been searching for a little gadget to help estimate a training plan-- who would've thought it was right in front of me at Runner's World?!

    Love this little "marathon monday" weekly post-- it helps to start the Monday training off on a good note :)

  2. Come run a 5k in NOLA...hot but no hills! They have one at the Greek Fest Memorial Day weekend, gret fest too :)

  3. A bottle of wine = 5 miles! UGH!!!!!! ;) Thanks for all the great tips!!!

  4. That bottle of wine info is helpful

  5. Oh I'm so glad you're giving your body some much needed rest & kudos for focusing on speedwork with a 5K. It'll just improve your next half marathon! Love the bottle of wine info - whoa, haha.

  6. I need to make a little magnet with that wine info and stick it to my fridge door by my white wine. ;)

  7. That wine calorie posting is helpful. I have wine-ing women this Wed., and will definitely think twice. :) I'm loving the tips you posted. I just started running, and can't seem to get past 3 miles. Thanks so much, and good luck to you! :)

  8. Hey sweetie! Hope you`ll visit my blog and maybe...we can follow each other?:X


  9. I've been loving all your running posts lately! And I really need to remember the calories in wine!

  10. That looks like a great running plan! I had a spinal fusion at the end of December and this looks like the perfect way for me to get back into running when I get the okay.

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