{semi} wordless wednesday

happy wednesday y'all!
i hope that everyone is having a great week.
i assume that summer is in full swing allover the world....
kids out of school...
planning trips & summer camps!

our summer has started off a little BRITTENY SPEARS crazy!
packing a 3,000 sq ft house that has abt 6,000 sq ft worth of stuff....
getting mini me's homeschool year wrapped up...
getting little mr. ready to leave for college...
lawdy mercy me.
sometimes ya just gotta sit and laugh or get drunk!

so i am going to share some of my favorite pins off my pinterest board 

Source: piccsy.com via daphne on Pinterest

Source: jokideo.com via daphne on Pinterest

Source: imgfave.com via daphne on Pinterest

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thanks for playing & have a blessed day!!



  1. Love these! Definitely made me laugh :)

  2. Girl, I so needed these ... thanks for the chuckles (and yes, I'm enjoying a nice glass of wine as I read).... will drop you and email later tonight or tomorrow .. xo HHL

  3. Love you blog and all the quotes. Do people ever link in with you for your Semi-Wordless Wednesday? I'm new to blogging so wasn't sure. Check out my blog if you have a chance. :) http://southerngirllivingthecitydream.blogspot.com/

  4. Haha, oh my goodness some of those quotes are just too funny. I plan on forwarding some of those e-cards. Thanks for making my day Daphne.

  5. Ha! The Nature Valley bar is spot on!! Happy Wednesday!

  6. my 6th grade english teacher used to always say "patience is a virtue," and I still think of her when I hear it!

  7. Every single one of those crack me up! Love it!

  8. Omg...I'm such a bad blogger, thank goodness for fb! If anyone can handle chaos(and look fabulous while doing it), it's you!! Take care and enjoy your summer xoxo Traci

  9. eCards are just too funny! Hope you have a great summer

  10. Thinking some of these need to be t-shirts!

  11. That has been a busy summer so far. i hope you get to rest and enjoy some of it soon.