the pink giraffe giveaway monogram watch giveaway!

hello friends!
i hope everyone has been well.
i have been a LOT mia & haven't read a blog since,
well, i don't know when!!
i have been so busy, as i know everyone has,
with family, traveling & running.
although, i wouldn't trade it for the WORLD!!
i hope that everyone is having a blessed holiday season.

since it's almost christmas, 
how about a fun & preppy giveaway??
i was honored when the pink giraffe contacted me about a review & giveaway,
i BIG PUFFYY HEART the pink giraffe!

how would you like to win one of their 
new monogram watches!!

since my mom, honey as she is referred to by her grandkids
 has been watching my kids & animals while i have traveled
a good bit lately, i decided for mine to review, 
i'd use her initials & give it her as a lil thank you-
cause you KNOW mommas won't take $$ for watching their grandkids.
BUT she let's me know she gladly accepts Tory,  LV & Chanel,
but ofcourse :)

here is honey's watch!
 isn't it great??
i think this watch is so fun, it reminds me of my old school SWATCH!
only if it smelled :)

this is a great watch for play, for a day at the beach, yoga or
whenever you are dressed down & want to be preppy!
or i am sure with the right accessories & outfit,
you could dress her up too!

for your chance to win a monogrammed watch of your choice,
enter below in the rafflecopter!

while i will be traveling for a week over the holidays, 
but will come back on christmas day
to announce a winner!
i will stop my new york family festivities just for y'all!
how's that sound??
be sure to check back in to see if you are the luck winner


  1. if I could have one item for Christmas it would be a monogram cutout necklace!!

  2. if i could have one thing in the entire world for christmas it would be a black 1963 el camino..random i know! but seriously that would be a dream come true!!!

    love the watch.
    merry christmas, be safe!

  3. I would swoon for a set of matching campaign bedside tables. Love the look, can't swing the price!!
    Merry Merry!

  4. Swatch!!!! I may still have some of mine somewhere! I entered, it's adorable. Enjoy your time up here with the family and Merry Christmas xo

  5. If I could have one thing for christmas it would be an iPad!!

  6. Just one thing? A treadmill.

  7. That is adorable. Would love to win it.

    Happy Holidays! Miss talking to you.

  8. I would love someone to come and clean my house!

  9. If I could have one thing it would be a SUV so that my parents could then have my SUV (as the one I have now is easy for them to get in and out of when my brother takes them to their appointments).

    as Maureen

  10. One thing I would really like is some new perfume!
    Merry Christmas!

  11. i would love to get a new camera for christmas! ;)

    <3, Mimi

  12. I want new carpeting in my bedroom

  13. If I could have one thing for Christmas, it would be a day off. It's been incredibly stressful prepping for this holiday and I'm ready for a vacation from this vacation. :)