a new URL for flip flops & pearls :(

and new name....
not by choice....

apparently my email from go daddy to renew went to an old email address...
i log in to post and realized it.....
i called and apparently it had been "purchased" that same week!
which was the week it expired!

so now i have to figure out how to let 1079 followers to know it has changed...grrrr
once i do that, i will start blogging again.
(i also need a facelift if anyone wants to help me!)

so if you go to my old url you will see that whoever got it has only posted one time. OR if you click on anything on twitter that was once linked here, YOU GET THE NEW GIRLS BLOG! ughhh
go daddy said i could pay to be "notifed" if they let it lapse but too late now....i am moving on!
sadly, wahhhhhhh

xoxo daph


  1. Have a great day! You can do it! Consider it an oppurtunity to change things up and make them even more fabulous! Im off to check my go daddy accounts!

  2. How dare she??? There is only one flipflops & pearls ;-)

    Would love for you to start blogging again!

  3. Oh my dear friend, would love for you to start blogging again!!! I have missed your writing and inspiration. I agree with Michelle above look at this as an opportunity to CREATE an even more fabulous corner in the blogging world and start fresh. ... Hugs and blessings, C. (HHL)

  4. Oh no! I can't believe someone bought it the same week.

  5. I can't wait for you to start blogging again. I hate you had to come up with a new address and name.