{recipe} southwestern chicken chili

it's been over a year, A YEAR, i am trying one more time to be a better blogger....
after i gave up on being a photographer (way too time consuming and what was once a hobby became a job BECAME not enjoyable) the blog was my scrapbook and way to try to enjoy photography again. i loved connecting with all my bloggy friends, peeking into your lives each day for a few years....then, well, i'm not sure what happened to slowly take me away....

so much has happened since i last blogged about my family life....
i will update soon! 
i can't wait to visit my blog friends and see what all i have missed out on!

so, on to the recipe....
this is a nice spicy chili.
it would have been even better had it not been 85 degrees today BUT
we got a win can i get a ROLL TIDE??

so, you can totally add onions or whatever suits your fancy to this recipe...
we are kinda picky so this recipe works for us.
i like to cook mine in a dutch oven.

2 rotisserie chickens
{minus the dark meat and what the dogs, roddy & i ate while shredding it}
{as many as your mouth can stand, fresh is much better than canned}
3 minced up garlic cloves
32 oz of chicken broth
28 oz can crushed tomatoes
{you can use diced but we aren't tomato eaters so this works best for us}
1-2 tsp EVOO
4-5 tsp of chili powder
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp oregano
1 can pinto beans
i can black beans
1 can of yellow corn
{rinse and drain beans/corn}
1 bag of mexican blend shredded cheese to top
**you can serve over brown rice or scoop with whole wheat tortilla chips**

-turn on stove about low-med
-pour the EVOO into the dutch oven
-add the garlic, chili powder, salt/pepper, cumin, oregano & jalapeños
-stir for about 4 min.
{until the jalapeños look like the are getting a little browned}
-add the tomatoes, corn, broth & chicken...bring to a boil
-once boiling, simmer for 15 minutes
-add the rinsed beans and simmer for 15 more minutes
TADA....dinner is done!
we opted out for rice and ate with chips.....delish

** you could totally boil some chicken breasts if you aren't lazy
but this was the quickest & easiest way**

xoxo, d

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