keto spicy sausage & cheese pouch


since coming home from treatment, i have been filling my time cooking & baking instead of drinking:) i practically starved the 90 days of treatment. i was on such a rigid eating plan that my nutritionist customized to my workout plan that i had adapted to. i didn't get to eat my 5-6 healthy organic meals a day, i ate whateverthehell it was they gave me 3 times a day. thank GOD the dr. approved my protein shakes so at least i had those and protein bars to keep me going...this is when my obsession with cottage cheese started, ya do what ya gotta do to survive😋

so, since i've been home, i haven't been able to work out due to arthritis and a torn rotator cuff, all things that happened while i was away. {arthritis may have been being masked by my former BFF wine and yoga is to blame for my shoulder, 3rd week in treatment and riiiiiiip, i so enjoyed my ONE day of yoga a week, dammit} so, i started out last week trying to get back to eating differently until i can work out again and regain my strength. i def. utilized my new kitcheaid over the holidays, surprised i didn't blow that mother up! i needed another one, if that tells ya how much goodness fatness i have been creating...

so adios carbs! {well, gotta keep a few so no one in my path gets throat punched😜} i have been experimenting and this has to be the best one yet!! i sure miss bread and this hit the spot!!

3 oz. cream cheese 
2 Cups shredded mozzarella, cheddar and/or pepper jack {i used all 3!) 
2 eggs 
1 c almond flour 
2 oz shredded cheddar cheese (for inside)
6 hot jimmy dean sausage patties

to make...
-preheat oven to 425°
-cook 6 jimmy dean patties {think mini moon pie size if you will}
-in microwave safe dish combine cream cheese and mozzarella or cheese(s) of choice, microwave for 30 seconds at a time, stirring in between, til cream cheese is soft and mozzarella has melted {you want it all creamy, not lumpy)
-get a separate bowl to combine 2 well beaten eggs and almond flour, once it's mixed add in the cheese mixture til blended
-using parchment paper, make 6 small balls {there should be enough dough for only 6 so you'll know the size if about right}i used the large williams sonoma cookie scooper to form mine and worked perfect
-flatten out your dough balls, sprinkle the rest of your cheese onto each, place sausage on the dough, finish by wrapping the dough around the patty
-place parchment paper onto a baking sheet, cook for 10-12 min or until they are pretty golden or black on top
*now that i know this is a recipe that will def. be made again and again, i will measure out all the nutrition facts and add them in later*

i gotta say that i have been experimenting with different recipes taking detailed pics, making sure everything was perfect like it was on the cover of the latest  food & wine magazine and then it would taste like straight up ass...so i just threw this together with no high hopes and it was good, ha, that's the way it works!

xoxo, daph